The new Moto Watch 100 will leave Wear OS behind

Motorola was one of the first major smartphone brands to adopt Android Wear, and it was also the first to adopt a circular body that has now become standard in smartwatches (except for Apple). However, it never ceases to amaze us that the Moto Watch 100, your latest smartwatch, will be the first to leave the wake of Google’s operating system, leaving Wear OS behind for the use of its own Moto Watch OS.

This is shared by the latest statement from eBuyNow, which presents the Moto Watch 100 as a premium watch made with durable materials, with a 1.3-inch circular display housed in a 42mm aluminum housing, 5 ATM water resistance and the usual sensors including heart rate monitoring, and a 355 mAh battery with up to two weeks of life.

Unfortunately still there are many unknowns regarding its specifications, since not even the official product page makes any reference to some of the main data such as the processor, memory or even storage space.

However, the biggest unknown about this watch is undoubtedly the so-called Moto Watch OS, most likely a custom real-time operating system (or RTOS) created by eBuyNow. Although the details show it as compatible with Android and iOS, the basic functionalities of it are still unknown, pointing very possibly to a simple system compared to Wear OS or the recently renewed Tizen.

Thus, it is not surprising that the Moto Watch arrives under a fairly moderate price of $ 99 (approximately 87.50 euros at the current exchange rate), aimed at a mid-range but even entry-level. Currently we can already pre-buy the smartwatch through the official website of the brand, although its launch and shipments will not take place until next December 10.

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