The new thing about the iPhone 13 that nobody expected to see and is very TOP

The iPhone 13 could be connected to LEO satellites

The prolific analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, recently sent a report to Apple investors stating that one of the novelties of the new iPhone 13 is the possibility that they can be connected to Low Orbit Satellites, known by its acronym in English LEO. This is a feature that until now has not even been rumored and that could be more powerful than anyone who is not too on the subject would believe.

But what would this imply for the user? Well, if at the software level these new connections are complemented, they could make calls or send messages without the need for coverage 4G or 5G coverage. Therefore it would be an excellent function with which you could say goodbye to the always tedious problems to make calls with the iPhone, caused largely by being in low coverage areas.

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In the Kuo report, it is also said that Apple’s commitment to these technologies is strong and that they feel very optimistic about the new market trend when it comes to satellite communications. In fact, it affirms that the Californian company has a team specialized in the research and development of this type of technology, so we could continue to see considerable progress in this regard in the coming years.

In two weeks these iPhones could be official

The dates of Apple events are always a mystery and in fact it is not known for sure what they will present until that same day, since the company simply announces these events without giving details about what we will see. However, it is foreseeable that this fall it will hold several events and that the iPhone will be the protagonists in the first one. And precisely in this sense there are several reports that point to the Tuesday, September 14 as the presumed date of that event.

If true, Apple would launch the official announcement of the event in the previous week. And with regard to telephones, they could be reserved that same week and put on sale on Friday, September 24. We insist on emphasizing that there is nothing official for now, but the truth is that it does not seem to be information that could be wrong, since neither would Apple have many more possibilities.

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Invitation to the iPhone 12 event last year

Be that as it may, it will be in this ninth month of the year that we finally get to know the four new Apple phones. And yes, we say four because the company is expected to repeat last year’s formula by launching two 6.1-inch devices and another two of 5.4 and 6.7 inches respectively. In that sense, they would be natural substitutes for the iPhone 12. Therefore, the countdown has begun. TIC Tac.

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