The OLED iPad will look like a MacBook Pro (in price)

We have spent many years asking an iPad with macOSand although Apple has already introduced the cursor, multitasking and many other functions that help in productivity, the iPad is still an iPad, and at no time can it replace a MacBook. But, what if the new iPads with OLED screens did it?

The iPad with an OLED screen will be the most expensive in history

The 5th generation iPad Air (2022)

The jump to the OLED panel is something that many analysts have been predicting in the iPad market. It is a change that will offer greater immersion in terms of image quality, being able to achieve very striking colors and incredible contrast with which to obtain deep blacks. The response times and general performance of the panel will improve significantly, but if you expected changes at the software level, we have a lot to do with that you will have to wait for that.

And it is that, according to some latest leaks, since The Elec ensure that sources related to the Apple production chain suggest that the new 12.9-inch iPad with OLED display will arrive in stores with a price of nothing less than $1,800.

On the other hand, the 11 inch version would stay in the $1,500which represents an increase of 80% and 60% respectively in both models compared to the model that we currently find in stores.

Why so expensive?

iPad Pro XDR

Apparently, one of the main reasons for the incredible price increase is a requirement of Apple when designing the product. And it is said that the brand has requested that the panel have two OLED layers instead of one, which would greatly increase the production cost of the equipment.

It seems that those from Cupertino are in contact with LG and Samsung to reach agreements that allow them to lower production costs, but at the moment nothing more is known about it.

And that’s the news?

Knowing Apple’s launch history, the new iPads with an OLED screen will almost certainly include some new function or hardware element that will be exclusive to that model, so we imagine that in addition to the new screen, they introduce something else to give one more touch of exclusivity within the range of apple tablets.

Even so, the prices that are being considered would be taller than a 13-inch MacBook Pro, so many users might find it more practical to buy a high-performance laptop for the same price, instead of a tablet with an OLED screen. This obviously must be calculated by Apple, so we can’t wait to see how they will deal with this approach. Because yes, paying 1,500 euros for an iPad seems to us at the moment something completely meaningless.

Fountain: The Elec
Via: appleinsider

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