The OnePlus 10T is too fragile and can bend in two very easily, the proof in video

The OnePlus 10T went through JerryRigEverything’s studio to undergo its famous stress test, and the device didn’t survive all the stages. Under pressure, the smartphone finally cracked.

OnePlus 10T
Credit: JerryRigEverything

OnePlus presented a new high-end smartphone a few days ago, the OnePlus 10T. This inherits the main lines of the design of the OnePlus 10 Pro which preceded it, but put him on a flat screen and on a less resistant glass protectionsince it is Gorilla Glass 5 and not Gorilla Glass Victus.

The new device from the American manufacturer has passed through the expert hands of youtuber JerryRigEverything, who subjects all current smartphones to an extreme resistance test. We could see at the beginning of the year that the OnePlus 10 Pro had not resisted and had been fragile to say the least, and it is obviously the same for his successor.

Turning the OnePlus 10T into a foldable smartphone is child’s play

While we had hoped that OnePlus would improve the design of its smartphones after missing the boat with the OnePlus 10 Pro, this is not the case. As usual with glass, when tested for scratch resistance, these are visible from level 6 on the Mohs scalewith deeper scratches at level 7. The smartphone is also capable of withstand a flame for several tens of secondsbefore it causes irreversible damage.

It is on the folding test that the OnePlus 10T disappoints. The smartphone is made of plastic and is therefore theoretically less resistant than the OnePlus 10T Pro, which is aluminum, but we imagined that OnePlus would learn from its mistakes with the previous model. After a simple push forward, the smartphone cracks in exactly the same place as the OnePlus 10 Projust below the photo module.

This is therefore a real weak point for both smartphones, which visibly lack protection at this location. However, OnePlus used to offer fairly durable smartphones, the OnePlus 9 Pro had passed the test successfully. We also recall that other smartphones such as the Nothing Phone 1, the Pixel 6 Pro or the Xiaomi 12 Pro have passed the test successfully, without turning into a foldable smartphone at the end of the video.

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