The price of the Xiaomi Mi 1S electric scooter drops by 120 € (and the lock is offered)

[Le Deal du Jour] The Xiaomi Mi 1S today represents the best value for money of the Chinese brand. Thanks to this promotion, you will have an electric scooter that is more efficient and more autonomous than the Essential model, for only 30 euros more.

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There are currently several models of electric scooters at Xiaomi. The Mi 1S that interests us is in the mid-range segment and is therefore between the Essential model (sold at 299 euros) and the Pro model (sold at 499 euros). It is normally closer to the price of the latter, being offered at 449 euros, but it currently costs 329 euros on Amazon with an anti-theft device offered, only 30 euros more than the entry-level electric scooter from the Chinese manufacturer.

The Xiaomi Mi 1S electric scooter accompanied by a free lock.

To better understand the offer

  • How fast can I drive it?

In accordance with French legislation, the Mi Scooter 1S can travel up to a maximum of 25 km / h, via three modes which will adapt your speed according to the situation: Pedestrian at 5 km / h, Standard at 20 km / h and Sport at 25 km / h. This data is visible directly from the LCD screen integrated into the handlebars of the scooter. The latter can also provide other information, such as the remaining battery gauge, for example. The autonomy is also 30 km according to Xiaomi, but everything will depend on the nature of your route and the mode used.

The Mi Scooter 1S is equipped with a strong aluminum frame that can support a maximum load of 100 kilos. It still weighs 12.5 kilos on the scale, but transport is greatly facilitated by its foldable system, also practical for storage. The IP 54 certification guarantees the resistance of the electric scooter against raindrops and dust. However, the machine does not have suspensions, which can make the ride a bit stiff – especially with solid tires.

As on the other electric scooters of the brand, the Mi Scooter 1S has an efficient braking system with a disc brake at the rear and a regenerative brake (adjustable in three modes: low, medium and high) at the rear. ‘before. It is also possible, from the dedicated application, to consult certain statistics of the scooter such as the distance traveled or the average speed, as well as to perform a remote locking via Bluetooth.

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