The share of Linux on Steam grows thanks to Steam Deck

The trend is consolidated. If in September we echoed the Steam survey and how its data reflected a growth in the share of Linux, driven for the most part by Steam Deck’s sweeping entry onto the sceneeverything continues to the same extent or maybe even with a little more intensity.

This is confirmed by the data for November, according to the same Steam survey. Now Linux as a whole sits at 1.44%, just one point below Mac (2.45%) and higher than it has been in years. Windows, obviously, is the undisputed king of the roost, with a 96.11% share divided mainly between Windows 10 and Windows 11, whose growth is equally sustained over time.

However, it is when going into detail in the Linux statistics where you can best see how the little piece of the pie is distributed: “SteamOS Holo” 64 bit already occupies more than 25% of the share of Linux, while in September its share was 13.69%. Needless to say, the importance that the Valve console is gaining in the resurgence of Linux on Steam, even if only tangentially.

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Another novelty in the table is the second position, which Ubuntu recovers after a long time… with one but, and that is that if in September the presence of the Canonical distribution consisted of Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04, now it is only the latest LTS that appears, with 10.89%. On the other hand, both Arch Linux (9.37%) and Manjaro (6.72%) offer a sum that a few years ago we would not have believed, but which has become the norm, according to these data.

Despite everything and apart from the remains that make up the Steam Flatpak package (5.82%), Linux Mint 21 (3.90%) and Pop!_OS 22.04 (3.71%), the bulk of Linux users on Steam, 33.81%, it is distributed who knows where, but it is not in any of the previous distributions, or not in the indicated versions. Which is also significant. In other words, there is life beyond everything.

By the way: who would like to have a Steam Deck? To those who have answered in the affirmative, attention, because Valve will give away a Steam Deck every minute during The Game Awards. In case someone wants to try it (only for Europe and the United States, yes).

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