The Shark: Steven Spielberg opposed to a reboot

In an era of remakes and reboots, even cult films like The shark they end up in the spotlight of the majors, but luckily someone sometimes says “no“, how did he do Steven Spielberg in recent days.

The director, who began his prosperous film career with The Jaws, doesn’t want to hear about a reboot of the franchise, now, never.

No Jaws reboot, word of Steven Spielberg

A great classic like The shark of 1975 should not need a reboot in a modern key being, for the story it tells, out of a temporal context. Alla Universal Pictures but they don’t think so and there was an attempt at a reboot, or at least they tried to ask the original director for an opinion.

Deadline reports that Steven Spielberg he was contacted by the film company to grant approval to a modernization project for the film, but the director flatly refused to proceed along this path.

One area that Spielberg will not revisit is that of The shark and this dry answer confirms what the director said some time ago: “I would never remake any of my films, starting with Jaws, but there are Amblin titles that could inspire new stories popularized by the films“.

The shark was the first successful film of Spielberg, as well as the first of a series of sequels not quite up to the original.

It seems that Spielberg’s choice is mainly related to his films and not to reboots in general, as he is currently working on the remake of West Side Story. We will see if Universal will be satisfied with this answer or if they will find alternative ways to carry out their ideas.

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