Babylon 5 will “redo”: announced the reboot of the science fiction series

It’s time to get back aboard the space station Babylon 5, as the reboot of the sci-fi series created by J. Michael Straczynski (Sense 8, Changeling).

In the day today The CW in fact, he revealed that he was working on a “reboot from scratch” of the ’90s show which returned to HBO Max with a remastered version earlier this year.

After the facelift, therefore, a new Babylon 5 will arrive which will always see Straczynski take care of the screenplay, also taking on the role of executive producer through his production company JMS.

Babylon 5 reboot focused on John Sheridan

This new version of Babylon 5 will focus on a familiar character, John Sheridan (played by Bruce Boxleitner in the original series), commander of the space station who later became president of theInterstellar Alliance.

The Babylon 5 reboot will be produced by Warner Bros. TV, studios already behind the making of the original TV series.

Babylon 5 is a space opera that began with the pilot film Babylon 5: The Gathering and then broadcast in full on Warner Bros. Prime Time Entertainment Network (PTEN) in January 1994

The series ran for five seasons, temporally following the events of a five-year story arc.

Babylon 5 plot

The centerpiece of the story is a vast space station called Babylon 5, orbiting the third planet of the star Epsilon Eridani.

About 8 kilometers long and weighing 2.5 million tons, the rotating colony is the last station to bear the name Babylon and was built after the first three Babylon stations were sabotaged and destroyed and Babylon 4 station is mysteriously disappeared shortly before entering service.

The construction of the first Babylon station begins at the end of a devastating war, generated by a trivial misunderstanding, between the Earth Alliance and the alien Minbari people.

The different races feel the need for a meeting place to build peace through diplomacy, trade and cooperation; although not everyone will work in this sense.


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