The Sinelec Group launches an ecommerce of professional materials

The Sinelec Group has optimized its performance and has just launched a new online sales project. The company, specialized in distribution of sales of material to professionalshas launched an ecommerce dedicated to the sale of material for professionals that prioritises, above all else, the agility and management of their orders in a simple and fast way.

With the new project, the company demonstrates its strong commitment to electronic commerce, making available to its customers 54,000 brand product references market leaders who will be able to buy online.

With this new step towards the digitization of Sinelec, users will be able to make their purchases online easily, thanks to the efficient design of the ecommerce platform. Developed considering the customer as the central point at all times, it thus manages to respond to the main needs of the user and guarantees a fast and intuitive shopping experience.

The comprehensive digital project encompasses the brand’s 12 points of sale, which are interrelated with each other, thus integrating its omnichannel service quickly and efficiently to all users, whether they are self-employed, small or large companies. The Sinelec Group thus manages to transfer the quality of the service to electronic purchasing as well.

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Main user functions

Customers of the new Sinelec online store will be able to register as self-employed or as a company to have access to their space on the web. The registration process is very simple and a single user can register others associated with the same profile, in which different roles within the client company can be reflected.

Once registered, users will be able to view the exclusive personalized commercial conditions for professionals, and It will not be necessary to contact the manager to process budgets.

It will be possible to compare prices between different products and brands, schedule orders with the desired frequency to avoid shortages, highlight references of products regularly purchased to avoid looking for them again, consult orders and invoices, and it will also be possible to reload the cart old orders placed. The 360 degree integration of your servicesallows online order queries to be made in all the channels available to Sinelec.

Finally, it should be noted that the new online store currently has a base of 54,000 article references, many of them with all kinds of information and technical details, from prestigious brands in the market such as Schneider Electric, Legrand, Circutor, Longi, Goodwe, Prysmian, Unex, Aiscan, S&P, Simon, Philips and Jung, among others.

Sinelec Group wants to bet on the industrial sector 4.0, respecting as a company, sustainability, care for the environment and compliance with sustainable development objectives, as values ​​and strong pillars of the company.

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