The two air fryers that are sweeping Amazon are also on sale for Prime Day

We can say that right now we have two reference fryers when it comes to talking about models without oil: the Cosori and of Xiaomi. Both have been on everyone’s lips for months and have become the most sought after and desired on platforms such as Amazon. And precisely today, in full prime daywe can also confirm that they agree offer. If you had not yet been encouraged by one of them, the time is now.

Cosori 5.5L

The best seller of the platform. Cosori It is the best-selling brand of air fryers on Amazon Spain and thousands and thousands of people have trusted its proposal to cook with much less fat (up to 85% less).

Therefore, it is perfect to achieve our goal of a healthier diet, enjoy a you360° hot air circulation technology which makes the fryer heat up in no time, as well as cook evenly and faster.

cosori fryer.jpg

It has 11 programs (which you will change with just one button) and the capacity of the basket is 5.5 liters (its power is 1700W), perfect for a range of between 3 and 6 people. In a discreet black color, it has a Shutdown Protection function, the handle is always cool to the touch and it even comes with a button protector for the little ones in the house.

It has lowered its price by 21%so you can buy it for €109.99.

Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer Pro

The other big star of the showcase from Amazon Spain is the Xiaomi fryer. We have already told you on more than one occasion how the catalog of products for the home of the Asian firm has grown and this team is another good example of this.

With a 4 liter capacity (1600W power) with which you can eat up to a maximum of 5 people, it has a more minimalist design than the Cosori, in white, and even integrates a OLED screen which gives it a very technological and modern air. It offers, of course, an adjustable temperature (from 40 to 200 degrees) and a 360° air circulation function for a more homogeneous heat distribution. It offers 11 predefined cooking modes, to find the exact point with each food.

xiaomi fryer offer.jpg

It has a visible window, so you can see how your food is “fried” and offers voice control with Google Assistant. It lacks nothing and now it is on sale.

With an official price of 129.99 euros, it now falls to €89.99 thanks to your discount of 31%.

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