These 3 Unknown McAfee Antivirus Features You’ll Love

The antivirus at the moment it has become a practically essential piece of software on any PC. Among the many reasons for this, we must take into account the potential and constant attacks that we can suffer in what we neglect. A good part of these come from the internet or from external elements that we connect to our computer. For this we have solutions such as the one offered by McAfee which we will talk about below.

Precisely there is the importance of the antivirus to which we refer. And it is that we refer to programs that are constantly running in the background in alert mode to protect ourselves against all kinds of malicious code. Most desktop computers have Windows as their operating system. Therefore, it is interesting to know that this Microsoft software has its own security solution called Windows Defender. Despite everything that has improved since its initial launch, many users continue to mistrust this program, so they opt for other lifelong solutions.

Here we refer to antivirus belonging to Security companies that take a long time from us. Thus, users only have to choose their favorite antivirus, download it and install it on their computer. One of the best known proposals around the world and one that has been with us for decades is the one proposed by the McAfee company with its antivirus. This is a firm that is sure to be more than familiar to most of you and that offers us various products.

Among the solutions that the firm makes available to us we find a security suite that it proposes to us various additional functions. This is something that has become common in most antivirus. This type of program in particular not only protects us against malware, but also offers other very interesting features.

Take advantage of these exciting McAfee antivirus features

First of all, we want to make a special mention of the powerful password manager that includes the antivirus itself. This will allow us to safely store all the access codes of the platforms we use on the internet. It is true that many browsers today offer us this same functionality, but it will always be safer to store our passwords in a security software like this.

To this we must add a somewhat unknown function called McAfee Shredder. Well, it is interesting to know that this is a functionality that will be of enormous help to us to maintain confidentiality with certain files and folders. Perhaps some of you do not know that when we delete a file in Windows, it is not really deleted. This means that it can be recovered with certain programs. However, if we make use of the aforementioned antivirus function, we make sure that those deleted data can no longer be recovered in the future.

McAfee Windows

This is something that will surely not be of use if we are going to sell our computer in the second-hand market. The same is true for disk drives. But keeping our content safe not only refers to when we erase it, but also to when we keep it on hard drives. For these tasks the antivirus proposes a encryption functionality that encrypts those files that we want so that no one else can access them.

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