These are the 5 best-selling Battlefield in history

The gender of shooter they have divided it up in recent years among a few franchises and battle field is one of the best known. Although it has seen better days, it is still one of the favorites of those players who love team multiplayer where it is possible to use tanks, armored vehicles, large barges and even combat fighters within the same game.

United we survive, divided we die

Obviously, battle field has evolved a lot and from that first multiplayer that became the hallmark of the saga we have gone on to other times where the campaign and the story had their weight. So since it is a saga that we love, we have decided to dive into its data on units sold on all the platforms for which it has ever come out. That there have been few.

Next we leave you with estimated sales numbers for those who are, today, the five battle field most successful video game history has ever seen.

5. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

The second game in this franchise It was one of the biggest hits in the world of shooter in first person of the beginning of the century. Improving practically every aspect of a first installment, which was still finding its essence, it managed to sell 1.64 million units worldwide. Not bad for one of the pioneers of large-scale multiplayer. You can buy it for Xbox from here.

4.Battlefield 1942

In this installment of the franchise we will get directly into the skin of a soldier during one of the most violent and horrible years in human history within World War II. The fact of being located in that historical period made many interested in it, causing it to sell 3 million units globally.

3.Battlefield V

The fifth installment –within the main saga of battle field– is one of the recent and most successful titles. In this game, and as it happened with the first battle field, the campaign is divided into small stories that will delight fans of the genre. He did very well in sales. achieving 7.30 million copies worldwide.

2. Battlefield: Bad Company 2

This game is one of the few in the franchise that have chosen to abandon historical conflicts and enter a supposed future in which World War III is imminent. Very fluid combat for the time and a really good story made this release a hit with 9 million units sold worldwide.

1.Battlefield III

For franchise players This reached its peak at the beginning of the 2010s with the third installment from the main line. For many one of the best stories told in a shooter in first person and one of the best online multiplayers in history, which helped him to position himself as the best seller of the franchise with 15 million units. You can buy it for PC from here.

And you? What is your favorite Battlefield?

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