Take advantage of Newskill Spring Days, up to 50% off!

Takamikura Newskill chairs

On the one hand we have the brand’s best-selling chair, the Newskill Kitsunewhich during these Spring Days has a 20% discount and its price drops to €135.95. This gaming chair is available in green, blue, black, red or white colors and its perforated leatherette is a perfect combination of durability, comfort and ease of cleaning. It has an ergonomic design, it reclines 180º, its armrests are adjustable and, in general, it is ideal for long gaming sessions.

Also on sale for the Spring Days we have the Newskill Takamikuraanother top-selling chair that we can now find with a 21% discount. One of the novelties of this chair is that in addition to the usual colors blue, black, white, red and green, it is now available in the long-awaited pink; Like the previous one, it is completely adjustable, reclining 180º and it is also made of synthetic leatherette.

We find greater offers in the highest-end chairs of the brand; the Newskill Akeron has a 26% discount, while the Valkyr has a 24% discount, staying at very interesting prices. These chairs are also made of imitation leather and are fully adjustable, including the possibility of reclining them 180 degrees; In this case, we are facing larger chairs, ideal for tall people, with whom they will be much more comfortable.

Newskill headphones on sale for the Spring Days

Newskill Seth Ivory

Newskill is a well-known brand for the quality of its chairs, but also for its gaming peripherals and especially for its headphones. In this case, during the Spring Days that, as we mentioned before, will last until April 13, we have the two variants of their seth headphones offer with an interesting 20% ​​discount that leaves them at a very attractive price: €55.95.

This is Newskill’s latest gaming headset model, featuring 2.4GHz wireless technology and RGB lighting, although it is true that they can also be used with a cable if you want. The Newskill Seth (and its variant ivory, in white) have a headband (which is adjustable) and padded ear cushions for maximum comfort, the microphone is removable and it has the control console directly on the headphones for greater comfort. Furthermore, thanks to their extensive connection options, they are compatible not only with PCs, but also with next generation consoles.

Keyboards, mice and mats with up to 50% discount

The characteristic mechanical keyboards, mice and even the excellent Atami mat of the brand cannot be missing from this promotion, and it is in these peripherals that we are going to find the biggest discounts. Among the keyboards, we have the Serike TKL Ivory, Serike TKL, Serike and Suiko variants on sale (we list them below), mechanical keyboards for all tastes that incorporate Outemu Red and Brown switches in the case of the Serike family and Kailh Blue in the Suiko case.

These are the offers that you will be able to find in the Newskill store:

  • Newskill Serike TKL Ivory (Outemu Red): 20% discount and stays at €39.95.
  • Newskill Serike TKL (available in Outemu Red and Outemu Brown): 20% off and you can buy it for just €39.95.
  • Newskill Serike (Outemu Brown): 23% discount, and stays for a price of €45.95.
  • Newskill Suiko (Kailh Blue): has a 20% discount and stays for €55.95.

newskill mice

We turn to the brand’s gaming mice, among which they have selected three models on offer; On the one hand we have Newskill Heliosthe brand’s best-selling mouse that incorporates an optical sensor of up to 10,000 DPI, RGB lighting and dedicated software for its configuration, which has a 50% discount these days and you can buy it for just €19.95.

The Newskill Atreo is also on sale, an optical mouse with 6,200 DPI maximum sensitivity, RGB lighting and dedicated software that we can find at a 33% discount and buy it for €19.95. Finally, the brand has made its gaming mouse available to users Newskill Habrock, with its powerful sensor up to 16,000 DPI and its excellent phased RGB lighting. This mouse carries a 40% discount and stays at a price of €29.95.

To finish with the peripherals on offer, we have to talk about the mousepad Newskill Atami Control XL, with dimensions of 930 x 360 x 3 mm to cover the entire desk and thanks to its textured micro fiber surface it is compatible with any type of mouse. This mat is 33% off and can be purchased for as little as €9.95.

Manticore, Newskill’s gaming PC box, also on sale

Newskill Manticore

This is the brand’s first box for PC, and we must admit that it is currently one of the best options for users looking for quality and performance at a reasonable price (even more so for the offer it has in these Spring Days of Newskill) .

The case is made from SPCC steel and features the usual tempered glass side that allows you to see the hardware mounted inside; It comes standard with three 120mm A-RGB fans on the front (mesh front, by the way, to promote better cooling) and another 120mm A-RGB fan on the back, so you won’t have to worry about it. buy nothing extra as this case’s airflow is full from the factory (you can swap out the three front fans for two 140mm fans, and you can add three 120mm or two 140mm roof fans if you want) .

It is a case designed for next-generation hardware, so it is compatible with E-ATX motherboards and below, power supplies up to 210 mm long, graphics cards up to 370 mm long and processor heatsinks up to 170 mm high, so you will have no problem installing your latest generation hardware. Of course, it supports liquid cooling radiators up to 360 mm in length (on the front and on the roof).

The Newskill Manticore now enjoy a 14% discount, which means you can buy it for just €59.95.

Be sure to visit the Newskill online store, since the Spring Days promotion will be activated until April 13 and, as you may have already seen, you will be able to buy a large number of products from its extensive catalog at very interesting prices.

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