These are the new features coming to Windows 365

Windows 365 was presented about a year ago, and the truth is that it marked an important advance within the catalog of Microsoft services, since it was outlined as a way to use the Windows operating system with the peace of mind, security and efficiency of Microsoft Cloud. This means that, in short, you do not need to have specific hardware or go through complicated configurations to enjoy a fully personalized experience in Windows.

Since its debut, Microsoft hasn’t stopped working on various improvements to round out that experience, and thanks to Neowin we have a pretty detailed rundown of what’s coming to Windows 365. This year you’ll get the add-on. Citrix HDX Pluswhich will allow enterprises to support more endpoint devices, peripherals, and security policies even in environments with limited (or severely restricted) bandwidth.

When it comes to monitoring and analysis, the Redmond giant is working to make it possible to offer joint remote monitoring on PCs equipped with Windows 365 and on systems that use Windows locally, that is, those that run it physically and do not use the cloud. Monitoring and performance monitoring, resource monitoring, and health checks will also be introduced very soon.

For small and very small businesses not yet using Microsoft 365, the Redmond giant plans to offer a simplified registration experience for Windows 365 that will allow you to buy, provision, assign, and sign in to PCs in the cloud with the Microsoft accounts that we currently use for services like Outlook, OneDrive, and Xbox Live.

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we can also expect performance, stability and security improvements. In this sense, forensic analysis and disk encryption will be included through “Bring Your Own Key (BYOK)”. With all these changes, Windows 365 will be a slightly more mature and interesting service.

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