These websites inform us of the UV index in real time with interactive maps

We have the heat and high temperatures increasingly present throughout the peninsula, and it was about time. In addition, many are preparing their vacations, so having a good time is almost essential, whether we go to the beach or the mountains. It is important to know the temperature that awaits us and to know the UV index that we are going to face.

We are increasingly aware of the care we must take and the precautions to take when sunbathing or facing high temperatures. Everything related to the environment plays a very important role here. mentioned UV index. With this we refer to the intensity of ultraviolet radiation to which we are going to be exposed when we are outdoors.

This is something that becomes especially important in these summer times, and more in our country with the high temperatures that we reach. Knowing these values ​​will have more chances of avoiding damage to our skin that we may pay for in the future. When it comes to knowing the global weather, temperatures and UV index, we do not need to wait to see the forecast on TV, as in the past. Today we have some interesting web pages that will be of enormous help in these matters.

In fact, below we are going to show you 3 proposals for all this and thus be informed of the temperatures and the UV index at all times and in real time. In addition, we can obtain this information in a graphic way to be able to interpret it quickly and easily just by taking a look at it, as we will see now.


This is one of the best-known websites when it comes to checking the weather forecast in the different regions of our country. It offers us a huge amount of data related to all this and we will also obtain a interactive map to know the UV index in real time.

uv aemet

We find a complete map of the peninsula with the different radiation indices at that instant. At the same time we can interpret them in a simple way thanks to the color index that is shown at the bottom of the main interface.


One of the main advantages that this other proposal that we mentioned to you offers us, is the possibility of consulting this forecast throughout Europe. In addition, it offers us a section specially indicated to know the data that interests us in this case, UV radiation, through a map that is very easy to interpret.

WeatherOnline uv

Thanks to the different color tones used here, we will be able to know the exact index of each region taking a look at the color codes located at the bottom.

And what to say about this other proposal that many of you have surely used on many occasions to find out about the weather in your area. Well, among all the information available here, we are also going to find a section specially indicated to know the radiation index in the peninsula.

uv time

All this through an attractive animated map of our country where we can check these indices based on the tonalities displayed in the regions. We can zoom in or out of the map just by using the mouse wheel, which is certainly comfortable.

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