They create a game “with great care” in 48 hours and extremely original

Just over a month left Ghostwire: Tokyo finally land on PlayStation 5. If you saw the State of Play that Sony published a few days ago on its YouTube channel, you would surely freak out seeing how the protagonist is dedicated to performing all kinds of spells, attacks and shocks by making movements with his hands. the same style is Mr Maima game created in 48 hours by a team of developers at the Global Game Jam.

Created with care in just two days

The game jam They are held to make the most of the hidden talent of many video game developers. Setting a time limit of just one weekend is sometimes enough for a contest to spawn a great game. It was the case of Light bluefor example, a platform title now loved by all who enjoyed Super Mario back in the day when games were hard.

Barely 48 hours have been enough to give life to Mr Maim, a shooter in first person (or FPS) where we will put ourselves at the feet of a mime. In this Survival gamewe will fight inside a circus tent against a horde of clowns. We will start the game with a completely black and white stage, but as clowns enter the tent, they will begin to color it by throwing red balls. Our character will have to prevent the clowns from getting theirs. However, we will be alone before an incessant avalanche of enemies, so we will have to use weapons to balance the game a bit. And this is where the grace of the title is: our pampering he will not carry weapons, but will simulate them with his hands. We can use a shotgun, a chainsaw, a knife and grenades, but we will never see them, and it is precisely this that gives it that touch of originality to the video game. During the gameplay we will not see the explosion of the grenades, nor the bullets. We will not hear the sound of the chainsaw either. However, thanks to the mime ability, we will know what we are doing even if all weapons are invisible.

The mime will make a countdown to notify us when the grenade will explode. will also do the gesture of loading the shotgun and will suffer in their hands the recoil of it. While we move around the stage, our main character will dedicate some extra gesture to the pampering. He will greet them, joke around pretending they’re scary, and even give them the occasional comb.

Until 200 clowns they will enter the tent if we don’t hurry and eliminate them in time, and the hordes will not stop at any time. The clowns will win the game if they achieve their goal, which is fill our sad and lonely life with color. If we do it right, the clowns will eventually give up after we’ve killed several hundred of them.

The title, created by RowDaBoat, a team of seven people, can be downloaded for free from its official website. In the blog comments they are receiving all kinds of feedback, so if you try it and like it, feel free to thank the creators. Of course, we would have loved to see a virtual reality version in which we had to place our hands to shoot with different weapons.

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