They were not iPad, but the new Apple Pencil USB-C

New Apple Pencil with USB-C charging

The other day it was rumored between the presentation of a new iPad range, a natural evolution of the existing range, or a new 3rd generation Apple Pencil. It was neither one nor the other, the new Apple Pencil with USB-C connection was presented.

Playing cat and mouse

Apple has never liked leaks, it was one thing that Steve Jobs hated above all else, because the magic of the product presentation was diluted with the leaks and the surprise effect was not the same. That more or less happened the other day, and he sees that the products that were said to be presented were a minor thing.

But let’s remember that the huge amount of rumors, even despite the fact that the biggest leaker in the kingdom, Mark Gurman (who was right again saying that no new iPads would be presented), suggested that there would be new iPad models. Other rumors came from the presentation of a new product, the 3rd generation Apple Pencil, but as we say, everything came to nothing.

Around 3:00 p.m. (peninsular time), Apple made the relevant statement and presented the Apple Pencil with USB-C charging connector. A new version halfway between the 1st generation and the 2nd generation, which comes to alleviate the problem caused by the latest entry-level iPad, the 10th generation and its new Pro design.

Let’s remember the controversy that arose because this iPad was only compatible with a 1st generation Apple Pencil, carrying this one for recharging, a Lightning connector when removing its cap, but it was unlikely not to be able to do so on that new iPad that had a USB-C connector. The solution, put a Lightning to USB-C connection adapter. Something quite unfortunate for a company like Apple.

So this new Apple Pencil with USB-C connector “solves” the problemand is positioned between the two existing generations, with an affordable price, in such a way that the compatibility of the Apple Pencil with the different iPads and their prices can be seen here.

The evolution of the Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil was introduced in 2015 as an accessory for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, with the intention of maximizing the creative capabilities of the iPad.

At first many were skeptical about the real usefulness of the Apple Pencil. After all, the iPad already allowed you to draw and write with your fingers, so the added value of a stylus was not clear.

However, The Apple Pencil quickly proved its usefulness for professional and hobbyist creative users alike.. Precision and pressure sensitivity were key to drawing, painting or retouching photos comfortably. And the low latency provided a very natural writing experience.

Three years later, in 2018, Apple presented the second generation of Apple Pencil, exclusive to the renewed iPad Pro with flat edges. This model brought with it substantial improvements such as magnetic charging, lateral coupling and latency reduction.

The design was also slightly rounded for better ergonomics. In general, this second version polished the initial shortcomings of the original Apple Pencil to turn it into a more advanced tool that is fully integrated with the iPad Pro.

The new Apple Pencil USB-C

This new Apple Pencil with USB-C charging connector, brings an evolution with respect to the 1st generation Apple Pencil but is not even close to the 2nd generation. The USB-C connector is hidden under the end opposite the tip of the pen, which is removed to make it appear and connect the cable. The new Apple Pencil has a tilt sensor, but It lacks a pressure sensor, and it also does not have the function of double-tapping the tip to change tools..

Hence its price is significantly lower than both, only €95 compared to €119 for the 1st generation Apple Pencil. First, because it tries to alleviate previous problems, and second, because although it attaches magnetically to the iPad, which the 1st generation did not do and goes to sleep automatically, it does not have induction charging like the 2nd generation.

Here Apple’s movement is clear, that new “basic” users update their 1st generation Apple Pencil with this new Apple Pencil USB-C which is already compatible with the new iPad models where they all have USB-C connectors, leaving the 2nd generation Apple Pencil with magnetic inductive charging for “Pro” users.

How has the new Apple Pencil USB-C been modernized?

Beyond USB-C connectivity, the design of the new Apple Pencil remains very similar to the previous model. Perhaps the most notable change is that the entire exterior surface of the pencil now has a non-slip matte finish. This maximizes grip to hold the Apple Pencil firmly without your hand slipping even during long strokes and quick gestures.. A detail that denotes Apple’s meticulous attention to refining ergonomics.

Improved angle

The tip angle has been meticulously calculated to maximize stability and contact with the iPad screen. In addition, Apple claims to have slightly lowered the contact point of the tip with the screen, allowing you to see more clearly what is being traced or written.

In terms of dimensions, the new Apple Pencil maintains the same 166 x 8.9 mm and 21 grams of weight. It’s still slightly thicker than a conventional pencil, but feels solid and sturdy in the hand. The flat back allows it to continue magnetically attaching to the side of the iPad for pairing, but without charging, it is just for carrying it docked. In short, the design and ergonomics of the Apple Pencil remain in line with the previous generation, already excellent, with small improvements such as the non-slip finish and the stability of the tip.

Lower latency

One of the main attractions of the Apple Pencil is the feeling of writing and drawing in a completely natural way on the iPad screen. To achieve this, it is key to achieve maximum precision in detecting the tip on the glass and minimize latency to the extreme, that is, the delay between drawing a line and seeing it reflected on the screen. In that sense, Apple ensures that this new model is capable of detecting the inclination of the pencil with greater fidelity, allowing you to make finer and more detailed strokes with complete control.

The internal algorithm has also been improved to redraw lines with fewer interruptions, greater smoothness and a more natural appearance. And of course, response latency has been reduced even further. Although the previous model was already exceptional in this aspect, The practical total absence of lag in the new Apple Pencil makes writing and drawing on the iPad Pro M2 indistinguishable from doing so on paper. This combination of millimeter precision and extreme response speed puts the new generation of Apple Pencil in another dimension in terms of digital writing and drawing experience.


As you can see, Apple is also capable of playing cat and mouse with these leaks. And what was expected, The surprise broke out to end up presenting an Apple Pencil with a USB-C charging connectorapplying, of course, the charging standard requested by the European Union, and making it compatible with most of its iPad models, both basic and Pro.

AND thus resolving an “anomalous” situation with the latest 10th generation “basic” iPad modelwhich made the leap to the Pro design, but encountered this burden of having to recharge the 1st generation Apple Pencil using adapters.

What do you think of the new Apple Pencil? Will you retire your 1st generation Apple Pencil? We look forward to your comments.

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