This CASIO G-Shock is indestructible and costs 4,000 euros

the range Casio G-Shock is designed for the more adventurous. They are very well built watches, with good materials and a very professional finish. They are all sold as indestructible watches, but of all of them, there is one that you could not break even if you tried. We are talking about Casio G-Shock MRG-B5000a practically armored watch that the Japanese brand uses as a showcase to show the world its quality.

A flagship of 4,000 euros

chassis g shock.jpg

The G-Shock MRG-B5000 is based on the original G-Shock. It is made entirely in Japan, and uses the brand’s best manufacturing process to achieve an indestructible product, far beyond the rugged watches we already know.

The case and bezel of the MRG-B5000 are made from one of the titanium alloys hardest that exists, the Ti64. The bezel is made up of 25 different elements, all of which are individually polished for the perfect texture and level of finish. The top of the bezel is made of Cobarion, a chrome-cobalt alloy that is registered. The material is four times more difficult to scratch than titanium itself.

The watch strap is also made of titanium, but from the DAT55G alloy, a much more malleable metal that is three times harder than pure titanium. And it doesn’t end there. The entire structure of the watch has springs and silicone bumpers to ensure proper shock absorption. The MR-G module is gold plated. Come on, they have not skimped when it comes to materials. The MRG-B500B version is coated in a diamond-like carbon material, and parts of its dial directly reference the original G-Shock. starsoffline

It also has smart features

Although it is not a smartwatch as such, this watch has Mobile Link, a way to pair the G-Shock with a smartphone. Thanks to this, the G-Shock can synchronize the time of 300 cities around the world, set reminders, find our mobile phone or check the status of the watch itself.

Masi, this one is unbreakable

Put on a technical sheet that the MRG-B5000 supports 200 bar pressure or even getting hit with a hammer without taking damage wouldn’t be much fun. For this reason, the Japanese have preferred to give this device a good beating to demonstrate that you couldn’t break it even on purpose.

In Casio’s promotional video, the G-Shock undergoes a 200 meter diveis thrown towards the ground with great speed and is even hit by a huge hammer. The watch goes flying through the air, but when it is picked up from the ground, it doesn’t seem to have a single scratch on it.

The watch also passes other somewhat strange tests without batting an eye. The MRG-B5000 easily withstands the passage of a electric currentand is not damaged at all after passing a polisher by the strap

This G-Shock is designed to be a watch that lasts a lifetime. Knowing that it has solar recharging, in the best of cases, it will not even be necessary to open it to replace the battery.

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