This crazy theory that could upset the universe of Casa de Papel

We thought we had seen everything, but really everything, with the second part of the fifth season which finally brought the Netflix series to a close. But the writers may have slipped a final twist!

La Casa de Papel, it feels good when it stops. Prototype of the Netflix series which draws to the line and which dilutes the sauce so much that it becomes clear water, the second part of the fifth season has however succeeded in seducing us in that it puts an end to this whole story. But it may not all be over …

Warning, spoiler, don’t read on if you haven’t seen the series!

This is the theory in vogue within the community of fans of the Casa de Papel. Rafael, one of the characters who appeared in season 5, is presented as the son of Berlin. But could it be that he is in fact… the professor’s son? With this series, we are no longer close to a twist, but it could be at the heart of the spin-of precisely dedicated to Berlin.

At one point, the Professor (Álvaro Morte) sends a message to Rafael (Patrick Criado) whose content we do not know, but everything suggests that he offered part of the loot if the gold was returned to the brain team of the operation. The detail that ignites the ear is Rafael’s response to his partner Tatiana (Diana Gómez): when asked about the confidence he has in the Professor, he replies that ” it’s a family affair “.

He accompanies the answer by raising his glasses to his nose, a gesture that the Professor makes very often. It’s hard not to imagine a deep connection between the two characters. Unless it’s a wink from the writers? But the Casa de Papel is already so convoluted that such a rebound would not be excluded. This theory may be tested in the future Berlin-centric spin-of!

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