This is how you calculate your severance pay

The job search It is becoming more and more complicated for everyone, both for young people and for more adults. There are those who are looking for their first job, while others are looking for renewal or a job after a layoff. If you find yourself in the latter circumstance, let’s see what your company should pay you.

On most occasions almost no one likes to be get fired from your job, either for their own reasons or for the company. Unfortunately, many of us have experienced this unpleasant situation at some point in our professional lives, but we must know how to cope with it. In addition, it is interesting to know, or at least be clear about whether we can afford a break or need to start working again as soon as possible.

To a large extent, factors such as the seniority we had in our previous job where we have just been fired, or our age. The truth is that, if we have been in that same company for a good amount of time and we are dismissed unfairly, we are entitled to compensation. To give you an idea, here we refer to situations such as staff reduction, or simply because the company no longer needs you.

Before signing the corresponding papers, we must take into consideration the compensation to which we are entitled. The truth is that, if we do not have any experience in all this, today sometimes the calculation of these amounts can be somewhat complex. Hence precisely that along these same lines we want to help you calculate and get an idea of how much should they pay us.

Calculate what your compensation will be if you have been fired

It goes without saying that in these cases, many companies will try to save part of this compensation, alleging multiple reasons. That is why on certain occasions we must fight for our rights and know approximately what that payment should be, it can help us in all of this.

Therefore, and at this point we must take into consideration that the website of the General Council of the Judiciary can help us in this regard. All this thanks to a useful calculator that will be of enormous help when determining the compensation that corresponds to us, at least approximately. Based on the fact that here we are referring to the highest judicial body in Spain, this calculator that we are discussing will be quite reliable in terms of the results that we get

compensation calculator

For this we only have to locate ourselves on this website that we tell you where we will have to enter the data requested for the calculation. Specifically, we will have to specify the start and end year of our contract at the company that just fired us. Likewise, it is essential that we indicate the gross balance that we received, either on a daily, monthly or annual basis.

On this same website we find different documents in Pdf format that will help us understand the compensation that corresponds to us. To end the process as such and once we have entered the corresponding data, we only have to click on the Consult button to obtain the information that interests us now. It is worth knowing that we find an interesting table that shows us the different situations of our dismissal and the corresponding compensation.

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