This is the easiest and fastest way to set up your new Windows

Once we have installed Windows, the first thing we must do configure operating system so that it adapts to our way of working, making the necessary changes, such as deactivating the view of recently opened files, the applications we use the most, eliminating OneDrive, showing hidden files and their extensions, among other changes that They depend on each user.

While some of these changes are easy to make, others are hidden within options, and if we’re not used to tinkering with Windows, we always end up going online to find the solution, wasting a lot of time. Fortunately, for this problem, there is also a solution. The solution is not to save the Windows configuration (I wish we could do it) but to use the WinSlap application, an application with which we can configure windows to suit our needs quickly and in just a few seconds.

Set up Windows in seconds with WinSlap

WinSlap is an application available on GitHub and that we can download completely free of charge, an application with which we can configure Windows to our liking by deactivating, hiding or disabling Windows functions, without having to access the configuration options of the Microsoft operating system .

Some of the functions that WinSlap offers us are:

  • Disable Cortana (on devices where Cortana is still available)
  • Disable telemetry and advertising ID
  • Uninstall OneDrive, Bing searches, and activity history
  • Disable location, Spotlight lock screen and remote assistance
  • Remove pre-installed apps in Windows except those created by Microsoft
  • Unpin pre-installed apps
  • Remove Microsoft XPS Document Writer


But, in addition, it also allows us to modify the appearance of our copy of Windows to make taskbar icons smaller, hide taskbar view and search button, always show file extensions, use Windows 7 volume control , remove the Meet Now icon in addition to hiding the News & Interests widget.


Once we have configured our team, it is time to install the apps that we usually install, an installation that WinSlap can also take care of. With WinSlap we can install everything from PowerToys to TeamViewer, including Zoom, WinRAR, VLC, VirtualBox, Steam, Firefox, Minecraft and LibreOffice among many other programs.


inside tab Advancedwe have at our disposal the possibility of deactivating Windows Defender, deactivating fast startup, mouse acceleration, background applications, activating the Linux Subsystem for Windows among others.


The latest available version of WinSlap is designed to work with Windows 10 on Windows 10 version 21H2 and earlier. However, despite the informative banner that shows us as soon as we open the application if our PC does not meet the requirements, we can use it without any problem in both Windows 10 version 22H2 and Windows 11, since they share the same base.

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