This is why a TV is better than a monitor

We will see, according to your needs, which one is more rewarding, since it depends on the type of user you are and the tasks you will carry out with it. Since it influences a lot.

Why choose a TV?

The differences at first glance are very few, the final function is the same in both, but internally there are differences that can make us opt for one or the other.

We are going to review the reasons why a television is a better option than a monitor.

tv with windows

In the first place, and for which many people are thinking about it, it is because of their price. Televisions as a general rule adapt to all kinds of budgets, however, a monitor has a higher cost.

Using an example we can find a 32-inch TV in Miravia for only €89 (with the welcome coupon). This makes it a more interesting option at the price level than any monitor, since we are already talking about a significant size.

On the other hand, the possibilities that it offers us. since we can use this device as a television as well as a monitorsomething very useful if you want to put it in a room, you will have a 2×1 without spending more money.

its durability. TVs, at least the most modern ones, are designed for domestic and professional use, thus granting a much longer useful life than monitors, since (as a general rule) a television is used for more hours a day than that of a monitor, being places where they are connected 24 hours. The average of a current monitor of the same cost as a TV is 50,000 hours, while modern television could reach 100,000.

pc vs monitor

This is all due to its internal components, many gamers will be fuming right now, and they are right, a monitor has functions that make it more expensive, with higher consumption and shorter useful life, but in return they offer a much higher refresh rate and response rate than a television. That is why the difference between them is totally marked at this point.

If you are a gamer you will need a monitor clearly, however, if you don’t like to play, there is no reason to buy one, and your best option will be to opt for a TV, since spending the money on a millisecond and hertz improvement is absurd, you will not notice it in your day to day

Therefore, your decision is easy and is based exclusively on this last point. I see no reason why if you are going to use a screen to work, for example, you need a monitor, quite the contrary, with a television you will save money, you will gain durability and on top of that, if one day the one in the living room breaks down, you can do a punctual fix moving it there, are all advantages, especially considering the price that we can buy one today. They are given away

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