This is why you can’t leave TikTok: They leaked how their algorithm works

TikTok It is the short video application with the highest demand today, this app has gone viral during the pandemic registering hundreds, or even thousands of new accounts per week. However, inside it stores a robust strategy that keeps its users captive.

Recently, the algorithm of TikTok has been “filtered” revealing part of the “magic” behind the application, which roughly takes in the number of ‘likes’, the amount of comments and the playback time, among other things, to offer better content segmented.

The algorithm of this social network makes people end up hooking on the app to continue watching videos.

According to New York Times reports, based on the document filed under the name ‘TikTok Something 101‘, the TikTok app considers four main objectives for users to continue using the application:

  • Value for the user.
  • Long-term user value.
  • Value to the creator.
  • Value to the platform.

This report also reveals the simplified algorithm formula to predict the content that the public would like to see, taking into account the aforementioned sections, that is, the ‘like’, the comments, the time a video is playing and if it was viewed.

Something peculiar about this algorithm is that the application not only recommends content of interest to the user, but also mixes it with a variety of content, with the aim of preventing the user from getting bored of “always see the same“These” forced “recommendations help maintain diversity in the app.

Some users claim that TikTok has been able to read your preferences and take them to one of its many “sides”, whether they are interested in socialism, workplace councils, politics, or even a specific celebrity.

It’s staggeringly good at revealing people’s desires even to themselves: “TikTok’s algorithm knew my sexuality better than I did,” one of a series of headlines reads about people marveling at the X-ray of their app. inner lives.


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