This move by Apple is certainly surprising.

services of the apple company, until now, they had come first to their own computers and operating systems. However, from the company they have carried out a movement that is rather surprising with one of their latest services launched. do you want to know what is it about? And what has happened to become news? We explain everything to you in this post!

What happened to the Apple Music Classical service

Apple Music Classical was released a few months ago as a separate app. And with the same subscription to Apple Music we can have access to the entire catalog and features of this new platform. Now, the Apple Music applications arrived, first of all, on the iPad, iPhone and Mac. Later they ended up arriving on Android, but this time, Apple has played the game backwards.

And it is surprising to see how Classical has reached Android before, than the Mac or the iPad. And, at least for now, we can only listen to the new platform on iPhone and Android. In fact, in the Google Play Store it can already be downloaded for free, and using the same Apple ID that we already use in Apple Musicwe will have access to all its content.

This is a strange situation, which is why we mentioned just before. It is not usual for Apple to launch its apps and services outside the ecosystem, before it is fully implemented in all its devices. Is it a marketing campaign? Is it a pilot test of a change in strategy by the company? The truth is that the company has not given any other explanation, beyond the publication of the app in the Google Play Store.

Following Apple’s design line, the Classical app looks exactly the same on Android as it does on iPhone. We have the same layout of the interface, with the four main categories of access:

  • Hear
  • Discover
  • Library
  • Look for

Like this, the playlists, search filters and metadata of all the works that we can already see on the iPhone are now available on Android. The audio quality that we have in the Google system reaches up to 192 kHz at 24 bits in Hi-Res Loseless, so we will also be able to get the most out of this aspect.

Apple Music Classical
Apple Music Classical

How much does Apple Music Classical cost?

To sign up for the service, we can do so by signing up for Apple Music. As we have said, this app has no additional subscription cost for its use. If we use the same ID as in Apple Music, logging in with it, we will already have access to the platform. Currently, Apple Music prices are as follows:

  • Students: €5.99 per month (allows simultaneous playback)
  • Individual: €10.99 per month (allows simultaneous playback)
  • Familiar: €16.99 per month (allows up to six simultaneous playbacks)
  • Inside individual Apple One: €16.95 per month (includes iCloud, TV+, Music and Arcade)
  • Inside Apple One Family: 22.95 euros per month (includes iCloud, TV+, Music and Arcade and allows up to 6 simultaneous playbacks)
  • Inside Apple One Premium: €31.95 per month (includes iCloud, TV+, Music, Arcade and Fitness+ and allows up to six simultaneous playbacks)


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