Send emails with your Apple devices without being hacked

The Mail application is an older and native Apple tool, which allows you to have a very efficient email manager. However, sometimes we want to have greater privacy in our files, where Mail is also a great option that we are going to see below.

Your privacy may be in danger

When we receive an email and access it, a connection link is generated between our equipment and the web server that we are in contact with the email. Furthermore, with the product IP address, it is possible to geolocate the place where the user is, leaving our privacy and security in a vulnerable basic position. You can even know how many times we have read the message.

Email Privacy Protection

Sometimes, all users focus on enjoying the latest iOS and macOS news And we ignore some news from past generations that are really interesting for any user who comes to Apple for the first time or who has been with it for several years. We refer to Mail Privacy protectionwhich allows you to open emails in the same way and have all the news that this native Apple tool includes, but with the exception that emails are stored and executed from Apple’s own servers.

It may seem like a temporary and inefficient solution, but the remainder will no longer be able to know anything about us, since the IP they can access will be Apple’s, so our location will be protected. We will see below how to activate this option from the macOS and iOS, which consists of several very simple but different steps between both operating systems.

Mail Mac

Privacy Protection from Mac and iPhone

  1. in the app Email on your Mac, choose Mail > Settings, then click Privacy.
  2. Select “Protect activity in Mail”.
    1. If this option is selected, your IP address will not be visible to senders and remote content will download privately in the background when you receive a message (rather than when you open it).
    2. If you deselect this option, you will be able to select whether to hide your IP address and block all remote content independently. If the “Block all remote content” option is selected, a banner is displayed on a message when you read it, indicating that the message includes remote content; you can select if you want to download the content.

From the iPhone, the process is extremely simple, which consists only of Two steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Mail > Privacy Protection.
  2. Turn on Protect Activity in Mail.


iCloud+ and Mail Privacy Protection, the perfect combination

Finally, we can increase the security of our device by activating the option of iCloud+ for all users who have iOS 15 or macOS Monterrey onwards. All compatible devices have access to a feature called Pivate Relay, which allows you to create a layer of privacy in your iPhone’s internet services, regardless of whether you are using mobile data or a Wi-fi connection.

iCloud Logo

If we activate this option, it prevents anyone from accessing any information about you and not even Apple itself can access your Internet browsing data or access to online elements or web pages. On iPhone, you can also turn on private relay, which is a different process than on macOS. The process consists of 4 steps, which is very similar to how it is done in macOS Ventura but different from how it is done in macOS Monterrey. (

Leave us in the comments if you use both options to protect your emails daily

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