This NES Mini with 300 games and two controls for 8 euros is the best bargain you’ll see in AliExpress

AliExpress keep throwing prices out the window. And it is that, to maintain its leadership as the main online store for all kinds of gadgets (especially with the threat of Miravia) it is necessary that it apply very aggressive discounts to many of its products. And, thanks to them, we can get hold of all kinds of products, like this NES-style retro-console, for much less than we can imagine.

The offer that we bring you today is none other than a retro controller with more than 300 games, and two controllers included as standard, which has an appearance very similar to that of Nintendo’s NES Mini. The console comes ready to plug and play, with no configuration or installation. It is enough to connect the controls to the machine, and connect it to our television, so that we can automatically begin to go through the (long) list of games that are installed as standard.

It has a very careful design and full of details that, if you are nostalgic, will surely catch your attention. Even the control connector is a copy of the original console. The controls are also very similar, both in appearance and size, although two “turbo” buttons have been included to improve usability.

This retro-console has a normal price of 16.17 euros. However, for only two days we can apply a welcome discount (if we are new users) so that it stays at only 8.61 euros. In addition, they send it from Plaza (that is, from Spain), so the shipping is free and in 5 days we will have it at home without problems.

Retro Console AliExpress - June 2023 1

This same seller also has another model, similar to the previous one, but with a very different design. The casing of this alternative console is more rounded, it has red as the predominant color, and the controls (also red) are much more ergonomic. Its price is also better, since for only 7.46 euros we can have it at home in 5 days.

Retro Console AliExpress - June 2023 2

Other alternatives

If the two consoles do not convince you (since they are limited to running only 8-bit games), in this same store we can also find other retro controllers like the ones we are going to show you below. The first one is this NES style, similar to the previous one, but with wireless controls and (apparently) with a bit more quality. Its price? If you are a new user, with the welcome discount you have it for 11.29 euros at home, and with the possibility of returning it for free thanks to Choice.

Retro Console AliExpress - June 2023 3

And we also have this retro Game Boy-style console, which comes with 500 8-bit games included, and which can be ours for just 5.22 euros. For that price, we are not going to find anything better, with a color LCD screen and even with an external controller in case we have big hands and we find it uncomfortable to play with the console.

Retro Console AliExpress - June 2023 4

These offers, we repeat, are only for new AliExpress users, and are also only valid until the end of June 2023. Hurry up and don’t let them slip away.

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