This way you can avoid problems with extensions that prevent browsing

Why do extensions affect the connection?

What can make a simple extension that we have installed in the browser can block navigation? There are different factors that we can take into account, as we will see. In any of the cases it can generate conflict with the program, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

One of the causes is that it creates a conflict at the software level. For example, if we have installed an extension that is outdated, the browser may have problems when trying to execute it and that leads to errors when opening a page. But this could happen in the opposite case, and that is that the browser does not have the latest version.

It can also happen that it is a complement that is actually a fraud. It may be adware and its sole mission is to start showing us ad-supported pop-ups or even search bars. But it could happen that this plugin really works, but does not provide what we expect from it and causes a malfunction

Normally, we avoid these problems by uninstalling that problematic extension, but it is important to avoid reaching this point and only have plugins installed that are safe. So we can enjoy that complement that interests us, but without having problems.

Steps to avoid problems when using add-ons in the browser

We can always take into account some tips to safely install extensions in the browser and avoid failures. In this way we can navigate normally and we will not have problems when we try to open any website or log in to social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

Install official extensions

The first step we must take is to install add-ons only from official sources. We should never add them from third-party sites, such as pages that we have found on the Internet without being really reliable.

Ideally, to avoid problems that affect the browser is to download the extensions only from the official Chrome or Firefox stores. At least we are going to make sure that they have passed a first filter.

Avoid having the browser loaded with add-ons

Is the browser full of extensions? This may be the cause for affecting your internet connection and crashing. We can install add-ons of all kinds and they are interesting, but we must not abuse them. After all, it is as if we had many programs installed on our mobile or computer. The normal thing is that it ends up going badly.

Therefore, our advice is to control the number of extensions installed. In this way we will have only the ones we really need and thus not have problems.

Always check that they are updated

There are updated extensions? This point is very important to avoid conflicts with the browser. If we have an outdated add-on, there may come a time that, when installing a new version of Chrome or Firefox, there are problems. It is important to check well that they are updated.

To see it in Chrome you have to go to the menu above (the three points), More tools and Extensions. There you have to click on the one we want to analyze and click on Details. Once inside, it will show us the origin (you have to make sure that we have downloaded it from the official site), the permissions it has and also the version.

One of the sections takes us to the official store of the extension. There we can see what the latest version is available and compare with the one we have installed. If we see that it is a higher version we will have to install it and thus have the most recent.

But the same must be done with the browser itself. We have to go to the menu, enter Help, Google Chrome Information and it will automatically start looking for new versions and install them if there are any.

Avoid adware in the browser

Another reason why extensions can block the browser is when there is some kind of malicious software. It is generally adware in this case. It happens that we install an add-on that is not safe and that begins to fill the browser with advertising pop-up windows or even search bars.

Sometimes those same extensions reach block browser. We try to open a page and it does not respond. What we must do to prevent this from happening is to avoid adware in Chrome or Firefox. This is closely related to what we mentioned earlier, since something essential to achieve this is that the add-ons are updated and always download them from official sites.

But we can also always have security programs on the computers and mobiles that we install. For example antivirus such as Windows Defender, Avast, Betdefender … This will help us detect and eliminate possible malware that affects the browser.

Return to defaults

It may happen that an extension has created a problem in the browser and even uninstalling it, the same thing continues to happen. We follow the steps we have taken, we download it from official sites, it is up to date and apparently everything is fine but we try to open a page and the block continues. What do we do?

In this case, what we can take into account is the possibility of reset to Defaults in the browser. Basically it is as if we installed it from scratch. This will remove any extensions and clean all the logs. If there was a failure for any reason installing a plugin, this will resolve it.

In Chrome we will have to go to the menu, enter Settings, Advanced settings and go to the Restore the original default values ​​of the settings. This will return the browser as it was when we first installed it and can fix many errors.

Reset browser settings

In short, if you have problems with an extension and it is blocking the browser, setos are the steps you must take to make it work properly without having to do without it. It is a problem that occurs sometimes and it is usually due to a problem with the updates or for having installed that add-on from unofficial sources and they give bugs.

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