Top 7 IO Games Available on Any Device

Top 7 IO Games Available on Any Device

Now we have a variety of platforms to enjoy digital adventures. Computers, laptops, Chromebooks, consoles, smartphones… Are there titles that can be launched from any device? Of course, there are. It’s the 21st century!

We’ve collected the best IO games that are available from any gadget. They are free of charge and popular in 2022. Being online, they’re easy to access through a browser. Additionally, most of them exist in an app form. Download it if adding a link to your bookmark doesn’t seem convenient. Single-player, 2-player, multiplayer… The variety of options is impressive and will suit any taste!

Short History of Tech Advancement

Did you know that digital adventures are not as old as we think? The first challenges appeared around the 1950s. These were bulky arcade machines with matches like simple tennis or legendary Spacewar!.

Around the 1970s, microevolution took place. The first console (Odyssey) came into existence, and home PCs started to spread more intensively.

Maybe the latest breakthrough was the introduction and success of mobile systems (especially iPhones). They allowed each person to have a sophisticated piece of technology in their hands. As the tech advanced, so did video toys.

Most people consider that IO is a new phenomenon in the industry. Requiring fewer efforts to create, they can become super popular and earn fortunes for their developers. However, not all of them turn into hits. We’ve compiled an IO games list that contains options that are 100% addictive.

All IO Games Worth Diving Into

Wings IO

It’s an insane shooting adventure with air-based mechanics (not FPS). Flying up in the sky, you maneuver around and keep killing your enemies. Playing against bots and real participants, you’ll need to develop good reaction skills. A couple of epic crashes will teach you to be more effective in battles.

By the way, it’s possible to play with friends, too. Just copy the server link to join the same arena. Enjoy cool video effects, especially when your aircraft flies close to the water edge! Catch powerups and climb to the top of the leaderboard!

Squid Game

Are you ready to kill 5 minutes in a nerve-rattling challenge? The mechanics are easy to grasp. You’ll enter a field in a group of other participants. However, you won’t be a team. Each acts for themselves in an attempt to reach the other side of the field. When the chilling melody goes on, dash forward. But when it dies away, freeze and don’t move. It’s the time when a terrible doll scans the area. The creature has a hidden gun to kill anyone who dares to stir.

The website it’s published on has many other cool options to check out. Enjoy them without ads and turn on a VPN to get them unblocked anywhere. At work or school – there are no content-blocking filters that can separate you from digital entertainment!

EvoWars IO

Among all top io games, this is one of the most hooking examples. You’ll enter a dark-colored top-down arena as a poorly protected newbie. But with patience and care, you’ll quickly upgrade to a more capable fighter. Just collect blobs around you and avoid bumping into a stronger opponent.

You’ll quickly learn to be an active player to succeed in this hot challenge. Once you’re powerful enough, don’t feel shy slicing your rivals into pieces. This is the only way to boost your development faster!


Ready for a title with more complicated mechanics? This will be something new for you in the IO world. It’s not a shooter or platformer. Floating in a neon-lit reality, you control a vehicle that drags a battle-flail-looking tool. As you move around, you collect colorful blobs and grow your weapon.

The trickiest part is to kill enemies. You’ll need to calculate the trajectory of your hit correctly. Evaluate the distance. Swirl at the right moment to land the flail directly at your opponent! Copy a room link to enjoy the challenge with friends. Co-op efforts can help you be more successful. Just don’t kill your ally accidentally! Once you master the mechanics, you’ll think it’s the dumbest adventure out there!


If you click the link to this site, get primed for a crazy world. It’s filled with blood-craving zombies (there are no other dangers, such as wild animals, etc.). They crawl from dark places once it is night. The moment they see you, they come at you to tear you apart. What can you do to survive?

– Use a weapon to kill them

– Build fortifications to stop them

The adventure is based on cycles. When it’s a sun-lit day, it’s relatively safe. But nights activate beasts, so you need to prepare for this. Improve your level by collecting resources and destroying enemies. Pick upgrades and erect a wall to provide proper protection for yourself. The variety of materials allows you to make different constructions. Use your creativity to make them effective!

Happy Sharks

Among all fun io games, this fish-based one is probably the most meditating and addicting. The gameplay is somewhat classy: a top-down perspective and growth-driven mechanics. Backed by smooth controls and nice visuals, it’s a title suitable for any age group. Your enemies are not mindless bots, but players just like you are. This makes the whole thing unpredictable! Outsmart your opponents, show better skills, and use a cunning strategy.

Agar IO

We’ve decided to finish the list with a legendary hit. Actually, it sparked the development of this genre (together with Slither.IO which features worms). It’s that game where you eat smaller circles and become bigger in a limited space. Filled with participants of all sizes, it’s funny to compete with everyone. Bigger rivals can consume you, so stay away from them. Attack when you feel that your circle is larger. Simple mechanics are incredibly engaging, making you come back for more!

Summing Up

Now you know what adventures to dive into on any device. All IO games we suggested playing are exceptional examples that stand out from similar projects. They have something that attracts participants to come for virtual fun again and again!

If you feel guilty after spending a couple of hours playing, don’t be. You might think that way because everyone says that you need to live more offline. But this hobby is not a waste of time! On the contrary, it’ll help you in real life. You’ll learn new skills that are extremely useful to have. Read this article to get 6 solid reasons to enjoy digital fun without regrets.

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