Tremble World of Warcraft! An old rival has returned to challenge you.

Surely the golden age of MMORPGs must be found in the last years of the 90s of the last century and the beginning of the 2000s, when Some companies that are mythical today crossed his path. We have Blizzard who put on the market world of warcraftto Microsoft with its Vanguard and other online experiments and, above all, to some gentlemen who called themselves SOE. That is, Sony Online Entertainment.

What had become of him?

It was during that time that SOE ruled with a certain iron hand thanks to a game that is now a legend of MMORPGs: everquest. Launched in 1999, it did not officially reach Spain as such, but even so it managed to bewitch thousands of players who got lost in its maps and dungeons while they slept in the morning to adapt their schedules to the afternoon and night activity of the US servers. .UU.

But it wasn’t until the summer of 2004 that the announcement appeared surprisingly that SOE was going to launch everquest 2. It happened suddenly, during E3 of that year, and it was perceived by all as a hasty response to the already confirmed threat of the launch of world of warcraft in the US. So from there a battle broke out between the players of the Sony title and those of Blizzard to know which of the two was the most roleplayer and complex of all. As if that war was going to decide the winner for the next few years.

And so it happened. Apparently the simplest, easiest and least MMORPG by definition took over the market and everquest 2 was left in the hands of a much smaller portion of players. Now when world of warcraft is still receiving new expansions, and already without so many subscribers, the old threat of SOE returns (in other hands) with new content for the title released in 2004.

come back with Renewal of Ro

Indeed, barely a little over a month since the beta of Renewal of Ro, We already have the nineteenth content expansion of everquest 2 in his little more than 18 years of life. A delivery that could make you fall in love again with one of the most iconic and representative online role-playing games of the time, and that now focuses all the extra content on pure and hard exploration.

And how could it be otherwise, the controversy pursues those who continue to play with the old EQ2that they accuse world of warcraft to have “much less more focused” expansions than the ones in the SOE game. As if that was a sales pitch.

In case you were an old adventurer of everquest 2 at the time and you have lost track of it, you should know that with this new extra content We return to the Desierto de las Llamas which, as you will remember, we were already able to visit within the first package expansion that came out a few years ago. Now, we’ll have to “dig up some new stories and explore some additional ground.”

Be that as it may, it is surprising that he is still alive, one of the few adversaries who world of warcraft came to have for real when it appeared in 2004.

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