Tricks to make your mobile conversations really private

Conversations could be exposed if we make certain mistakes. An attacker could launch some kind of malicious strategy to access the device, for example, as well as sneak in viruses or make us give out more information than necessary. Preventing conversations from being compromised is important.

Maintain security in mobile chats

Even WhatsApp the most used application, you really should take the same precautions with the rest of the programs. Whatever app you use to have mobile conversations, it is essential to protect the Privacy & Security so as not to have problems and that they come to supplant the identity.

Protect mobile access

Something fundamental is to protect the access to the mobile. You can put a PIN code, a pattern, fingerprint… There are many methods, but it is important that you do not have the phone open so that anyone can access it simply by pressing the button and that’s it. Not only your conversations, but the entire device can be exposed.

This could happen if your phone is lost, stolen or simply left with someone. They could access WhatsApp just by opening the app and seeing all the conversations you have saved there. Therefore, do not leave the phone open and use some method to protect access.

Encrypt apps

you might as well directly encrypt applications of messaging. Some have this function by default, in which you simply put a password or fingerprint to enter. Something like it happens with banking applications, for example. You will achieve greater privacy.

In case this feature is not available, you can always use separate programs to set passwords for other applications. The idea is that anyone who has physical access to the phone, even unlocked, has to enter a password to access those apps.

Delete messages from time to time

Another tip is that delete the messages, at least the ones you want to protect especially, from time to time. With this, in case someone had access to that application, whatever the reason, they will not be able to see the content that you have previously deleted. Some apps allow you to archive those messages.

But not only do you have to take into account the deletion of messages, but also images or files that you may have received. Perhaps you do not want that content to be exposed and it is as simple as deleting it from your device.

protect your device

You cannot miss the advice to properly protect your mobile. This means that you must have a good anti virus, such as Avast or any other. Installing security software is very useful to detect the entry of malware that could steal conversations or take control of the device.

But updating the phone is also having it updated. In many cases, vulnerabilities can appear that are exploited by hackers. It is key to have the latest versions and thus correct those bugs that may exist and that expose security when browsing or using an application.

As you can see, these steps can be very useful to protect your mobile conversations. The objective is to avoid possible intruders that put your privacy at risk. It is key for day to day, since they are widely used programs and we will always run the risk of someone taking control.

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