Twitter: Elon Musk scares 70,000 users to Mastodon

The takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk causes the first stir. Several thousand users of the social network have definitively abandoned the platform and registered with a competitor: Mastodon. The beginning of the exodus?

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The whole world now knows it: Elon Musk has actually bought Twitter, the social network with more than 320 million users for $44 billion. As billionaire as he is, the entrepreneur quickly owes the enormous sum invested. And already there is a problem: while Me Musk announces a series of very unpleasant measures, the pricing of the Verified sticker, in particular, more and more users are fleeing to a competing platform, Mastodon.

According to TechRadar, almost 70,000 users would have joined the ranks of Mastodon following the various changes made in less than three days with Elon Musk. The latter is a self-hosted, free, distributed and decentralized social network and microblogging software. There are many differences between the two platforms. To start, Mastodon does not perform any sorting in the feed of its users: if you subscribe to the account of a personality or an organization, you will see all its “toots” displayed in chronological order.

Twitter is now owned by Elon Musk, Mastodon wants to be independent

The service does not decide for you what you might like or not. Second, and not least, Mastodon does not display ads, and does not collect any personal data from its users. The decentralized aspect of the service means that no one can take full control of it, contrary to what is happening on Twitter.

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Although many Internet users have decided to turn their backs on Twitter, we can not yet speak of hemorrhage for Elon Musk’s social network. Too many personalities have built their reputation and their audience through this service: they are not really willing to give it up for a little thumb. Elon Musk’s words and ideas are extremely controversial. It would take very little for users to migrate to other platforms. To keep his millions of users, the billionaire will have to act with tact and restraint, two qualities that do not characterize him at all.

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