Ubisoft celebrates its 35th anniversary with free games, deals and more

This year Ubisoft celebrates its 35th anniversary, and on the occasion of such a remarkable date, has decided to reward players with a huge amount of available content that will range from the reduction of practically the complete catalog of your web store, raffles, special temporary events inside and outside their games, and even free content which will include both cosmetic add-ons and free weekend trials as well as full free games.

Having already started during the past week, this celebration will last for a period of no less than six weeks, arriving until December 19, and linking directly to the Christmas offers, thus allowing us to try or get some additional aesthetics for some games before deciding or buying.

Starting with the free games, although Ubisoft has not anticipated what they will be, it has shared that they will only be two titles at zero cost throughout these six weeks, available to exchange for a limited time once they are announced, and with a character of total ownership that will allow us keep them forever in our library once claimed.

Regarding the offers, we can currently find numerous titles of its main sagas reduced in a special section of the Ubisoft Store website, which include discounts up to 85% in installments like Assassin’s Creed Valhala, Anno 1800, Tom Cancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Immortals Fenix ​​Rising or Ghost Recon Breackpoint, as well as other classic titles like Rayman, FarCry, Heroes of Might and Magic and others.

In addition to games, we can also find some discounts on other merchandising products such as figures and other accessories outside of games. On the other hand, Ubisoft + subscribers will get special rewards that they can get by playing certain titles, and which will depend on the level of their profile on the platform.

So, we will have to be attentive to the official website of the 35th anniversary of Ubisoft, since all these promotions, and some other surprises, they will unveil little by little as the days of celebration go by.

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