Use your WiFi repeater well; never use it in these conditions

have a WIFI repeater It is usually the most used option to improve the wireless network. It is a device that connects to the router, then distributes the signal to other devices. There are many models, with different characteristics. However, it doesn’t always work well. What’s more, it’s not always really necessary to use it. we are going to tell you when you shouldn’t use a repeateras it can make your connection worse.

if the coverage It is not good, sometimes you will have other alternatives so that the signal reaches better. You may not even have to spend any money, as just a few tweaks can make it vastly better. The objective is to be able to connect devices in areas where the signal may not reach well.

When not to use the repeater

It is possible that you are in this situation: the signal does not reach a room well, you buy a Wi-Fi repeater and you see that everything remains the same. The network may even be worse for you, with less speed and more continuous cuts. Do not worry, because it is something that you can avoid if you follow certain recommendations.

The signal is very weak

The first reason not to use the Wi-Fi repeater is when the signal is very weak. This happens when you put it too far from the router. The coverage reaches the repeater weak and, in this way, it also reaches the rest of the devices weak and we cannot improve the connection. We continue with the same problems.

It can also happen that the signal arrives weak because the repeater is in an area of ​​interference. This can cause conflicts, for example, with devices that use Bluetooth. To avoid this, it is best to move it away from any sources of interference that may be around.

The device is of poor quality

Another problem is to be using a poor quality device. It can happen if, for example, you have bought a device that is not dual band, that does not have a good maximum speed or accepts several devices connected at the same time. This will make it useless for what you really need.

Our advice is that you always buy guaranteed devices. Troubleshooting your Wi-Fi repeater can be as simple as purchasing another one that has a higher maximum speed, is dual-band, or supports more connected devices.

You can change the location of the router

You also shouldn’t use a Wi-Fi repeater if you can change the router location. This should be your main option to improve the network, since simply putting the device in an area where you take advantage of the signal can make it work much better. Ideally, it should be in a central area of ​​the house, from where it can better distribute the wireless network.

It is also key that you move the router away from possible interference. For example, do not put it near devices that work with Bluetooth. Avoid materials that can block the signal, such as metal. This will help you to have a cleaner signal, without so many problems around that could influence.

Locate the router and repeater well to improve the Internet

You have the option to connect by cable

If you could connect by network cable, you shouldn’t use a wireless repeater either. The connection will go better by cable than using a device of this type. It will go more directly, it will be more stable and you will even have more speed to be able to surf the net without any problem.

Now, you should take into account the importance of using a good network cable. Make sure that it is Gigabit Ethernet, since otherwise you would be limited to 100 Mbps. You should also know that you may have to do some installation to take the Ethernet cable to places where you are going to connect.

In short, as you can see, there are certain circumstances in which you can avoid using Wi-Fi repeaters. You can have a better signal if you make some adjustments and thus avoid problems that affect the network. Having a good connection is essential for day to day, to use different platforms and online services.

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