Ventum Innovation technology, at the service of farmers

The startup, Ventum Innovation, has developed a solution that allows the farmer to enjoy significant water savings, while improving the quality of life of your animals and your own.

This technology facilitates detection of any leak at the time it occurs. In addition, it ensures that the animals always have water when they go to the troughs, since its latest development makes it possible to fill the water tanks from the mobile phone.

With this, significant cost savings are generated for the farmer, since he You don’t have to go to the farm to carry out this task, thus also improving their personal well-being.

In addition, Ventum Innovation also makes it possible to control feed silo levels, milk tanks, the environmental conditions inside the warehouses and many other variables of value. This provides a significant improvement in production processes, increasing competitiveness in an increasingly global market.

Among the great advantages offered by Ventum Innovación solutions is that the farmer does not need to have internet access on the farm to use it, this being one of the keys to its success since it offers custom deployments. In addition, they provide specific training so that the farmer knows how to get the most out of their solutions.

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