Volkswagen will build 8,000 charging stations in Europe by 2024

Volkswagen has announced the creation of 8,000 charging stations for electric cars in Europe by 2024. To do this, the manufacturer relies on its partnership with the oil company BP, which could lead, according to its own words, to an extension of its network in other parts of the world.

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With electric cars growing exponentially in popularity, it’s time to development of charging stations for motorists. Of course, Tesla continues to build its Superchargers around the world, but the electrical giant is no longer alone in the race. Other brands have joined it, as was recently the case with Carrefour and its project to install 5,000 charging points in France.

Now fully invested in electricity, Volkswagen intends not to be left behind by the competition. Thus, the German manufacturer has just announced a strengthening of its partnership with the British oil company BP. Together, the two companies plan to build 8000 charging stations in Europe by 2024.

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Volkswagen expands its range of charging stations

The firm specifies that its chargers will have a capacity of approximately 150kW. As a result, most vehicles will be able to obtain a range of 160 kilometers in ten minutes. Finally, these new stations will be open to all other brands, thus taking the tangent of Tesla which has recently opened its Superchargers to other electric vehicles.

For BP, the challenge is above all the survival. While thermal vehicles show an increasingly flagrant loss of speed to the benefit of their thermal counterparts, and while the various governments are each putting in place measures for a rapid transitionthe oil giant has no choice but to move in the direction of society.

“There are so many other areas in which we are complementary”enthused Herbert Diess, chairman of the management board of Volkswagen. “BP has a very strong network in many places around the world. So that means what we do here can also be done elsewhere.”. In France, there are now 50,000 charging points throughout the territory.

Source : Reuters

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