What are Bethesda’s five best-selling RPGs?

Sure enough, Bethesda launched in 2008 fallout iii completely transforming the original Interplay saga and the first two games that Black Isle Studios programmed, for which it was the first stone for that policy of role-playing releases that has worked so well for them over the last 15 years. It seems a lie, but It seems like yesterday when that title was presented in a small stand with just two camping tables and how, in a very short time, the company grew to offer its own conferences at the famous E3 in Los Angeles.

Apocalypse and fantasy everywhere

Fortunately, Bethesda was not stuck in that nuclear apocalypse of fallout (although he was close) and quickly looked for new universes to expand into. The Elder Scrolls It was one of them, with more deliveries that have been more than supported by millions of players. So if it seems to you, because of what the company is going to set foot in space with Starfield As of September, we have set out to find the figures for the games that have sold the most within the RPG genre.

And do you know who the winners are? Here they are, look.

5. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

we start with one of the most mythical RPG of the 2000s. We start from a story about a group of reincarnated heroes, where we will have an extensive medieval world in which we can do whatever we want. With all this, it was normal for it to be a success, reaching total sales of more than 4 million copies worldwide. Not bad the truth. You can still play it on PC from here.

4.Fallout New Vegas

For many studio fans, the best game in the series the company has ever produced, Fallout New Vegas it was a groundbreaking experience when it was released, cementing the nuclear apocalypse franchise within the industry. For being released 13 years ago, its 5.22 million games sold is impressive to say the least. Don’t miss the Ultimate Edition here.

3.The Elder Scrolls Online

Have you ever been having a great time in the world of The Elder Scrolls but have you thought that the experience with friends would be a thousand times better and more fun? Relax, Bethesda brings you the solution, with which you will be able to roam the medieval lands surrounded by your friends. It has sold more than 15 million games worldwide. There is nothing and you have it for PC and Mac.

2.Fallout 4

Undoubtedly, one of the most immersive experiences of the last generation of consoles, although it already showed that the company had to innovate a bit so as not to remain anchored within the formula it devised in 2008. fallout 4 It allows us to explore the Wasteland like never before, with some of the most frantic and crazy combat we have ever seen, as well as endless interactions between all the characters that we will meet throughout the adventure. Globally sold more than 20 million games. If you don’t have it, here we leave you the GOTY version.

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

As king of the mountain we have Skyrim, which went on sale on 11/11/2011. One of the first games that took the internet by storm, transforming the conversation gamer of the time and that has some of the best open worlds we have ever seen, with an infinite number of characters, tasks, key decisions to make, alliances and tasks to complete one by one. Normal that it sold an impressive amount of 30 million copies all over the globe. Oh, and the version Anniversaryabove, it is improved.

And you? What is your favorite Bethesda RPG?

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