What Fire TV 4K do I buy? The best Amazon models

It is more than likely that, today, you know that little device from Amazon that allows us to turn any screen into a smart TV. The Fire TVs have become a team loved by many, giving them the ability to give their “dumb” TV a second life. Over time, these have been modernized to offer a greater number of features and better benefits such as a higher power processor, higher image quality, etc. Today, precisely, we want to help those users who have the doubt of that Amazon Fire TV 4K should buy. So, if you are one of them, you are in the right place.

Amazon Fire TV 4K: Available Models

First of all, and more taking into account the different updates that Amazon has made of them, the most important thing is that you know the options you can choose. Currently, the available models are:

  • Amazon Fire TV 4K: this was the original model that was released, offering the resolution 4K per flag. Right now, the option that we can purchase has been renewed with new features such as the new remote controller with a greater number of options and shortcuts. Its current price is at 59.99 euros.
  • Amazon Fire TV 4K Max: This has been the latest addition to the Amazon catalog. Compared to its little brother, the 4K “just”, the Max model offers a 40% more powerful processor, in addition to compatibility with Wi-Fi 6 for smoother browsing and content playback. We can get hold of it for a price of 64.99 euros.
  • Amazon Fire TV Cube: Although it is not aesthetically like the rest of the Amazon Fire TV models, this model does exactly the same functionalities or even some more. A device that incorporates in the same place a Fire TV and an Amazon Echo to achieve the perfect mix of functionalities. Although it is nowhere to be found in its name, the Fire TV Cube is capable of playing 4K content, has a more powerful processor even than the Max. The only thing that it does not support, unlike this new model, is the compatibility with Wi-Fi 6. We can currently buy it for a price of 119.99 euros.

These are the three Amazon products that allow us to enjoy 4K on any screen that has that resolution. In addition to them, the original model of the Fire TV 4K. But surprisingly, it is at the same price as its renewal with the updated remote. So, even if it was one of the best sellers, it was better to opt for its renewed version.

If these data have not finished helping you clarify your doubts, keep reading. We tell you our experience after having put these three Amazon Fire TV face to face in one performance test playing content, opening apps and playing powerful titles.

Which Amazon Fire TV 4K is better?

In these tests, we have been able to face the three Amazon Fire TV models that offer the 4K resolution of the moment. The «test» has consisted of performing those functions where they should show differences, these being:

  • System navigation
  • Opening apps manually
  • Opening apps using Alexa
  • Downloading apps from the store
  • Playing games

Without taking too many detours, we can assure you after having compared them that in the first three scenarios there is no difference between them. Everything runs smoothly and applications run fast whether we use the remote or if we ask the assistant. Although, yes, in the case of Fire TV Cube It is somewhat more comfortable than with the rest since we do not need to press any button to talk to Alexa.

On the side of the app download, yes we have been able to notice a slight advantage on the part of the Fire TV Max. This is due to using Wi-Fi 6, which gives it greater stability and speed in the transfer. But be very careful with this because, although we can use a router with other protocols, the best experience will be if our connectivity distributor is also compatible with Wi-Fi 6.

Where we will most notice the difference between these three Amazon devices is by squeezing their performance with a greater workload. To do this in this class of devices, the best option is to use games and the higher the graphic load, the better. In our test, we tested them with two different games: one with a “normal” graphic load and another with a much higher one, as is the Asphalt 8 game.

In the case of the title that supposes a somewhat less graphical load, the truth is that it worked quite well in the three models of the Fire TV. But, by making the leap to Asphalt 8, it became clear who was the winner – or rather, the winners.

As we have already indicated a few lines ago, both the Max model and the Fire TV Cube have more powerful processors than the “plain” 4K model. This, in the end, means that when squeezing it to the maximum, the most “simple” model at the power level is not as tall as the rest. Then, between the Max and the Cube, honestly you don’t get to perceive much difference despite the fact that the second is even more powerful than the first.

So at this point you may be wondering, What Amazon Fire TV do I buy? Well, after having put them to the test, we see 2 possible purchase scenarios:

  • If you only need the equipment to play content on your 4K TV, our recommendation is that you acquire the Amazon Fire TV 4K Max. The price difference with the “plain” 4K model is just 5 euros and, although you can’t get to use Wi-Fi 6, the processor change we think is worth it.
  • If you don’t have a smart speaker near your TV and, in addition, you want to reproduce content in it, the Fire TV Cube it is the best option of all. In a single body you get the possibilities of a smart speaker and the possibility of reproducing 4K at the highest quality on your TV. Of course, keep in mind that its price is somewhat higher.

Links to these Amazon Fire TV models are part of our Amazon affiliate agreement and may earn us a small commission on their sale. Even so, the decision to publish them has been made freely, under the editorial criteria of El Output, without attending to suggestions or requests from the brands involved.

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