What happened to OS/2? The operating system that almost killed Windows

If we focus on PCs, for many years the proposal offered by the giant Microsoft with its Windows, the head is found. In addition, we can affirm that it is well above the rest of the proposals in terms of market penetration. However, over the years, as in current times, there are and have been other very interesting alternatives.

With everything and with it, none has managed to establish itself in the market as the aforementioned Windows has done in its different versions and editions. Now we are going to talk about a proposal that at the time wanted to be a real revolution and it was even thought that it could face the almighty Microsoft operating system. Specifically, we are referring to OS/2, software that came to light at the end of the last century.

First we have to go back to 1987 when one of the big technology companies, IBM, decided to launch its own operating system. All this with the healthy aim of reinventing the desktop computers of users around the world. Basically this operating system was intended to become a serious competitor to MS-DOS and future Microsoft systems like Windows. That’s exactly where the alliance between IBM and the aforementioned Microsoftsomething that in the long run did not end up curdling either.

The first firm focused more on the business market, while the second did more on the end user. From there arose the aforementioned OS/2 1.0 system that began to be seen in certain corporate entities. All this started with the launch by four of our own teams based on this software. Among its main characteristics, the speed, the interface and its 32-bit processor stood out.

os2 1

But this union between both companies began to crack when Microsoft, while supporting OS/2, launched its popular Windows 3.0, in 1990. We could say that its graphical interface was similar, but this new software was much more advanced in features and functions. From that moment both companies went from being collaborators to enemies, and in fact Microsoft itself tried to kill off the IBM system thinking that it could become a competitor.

OS/2 put Windows in trouble

Despite the advances that this operating system proposed to us, it began to be criticized for the high consumption of resources that it carried out and that it needed to function correctly. Also, it was very expensive compared to other competitors in the market.

you warp

Despite everything, IBM wanted to keep trying and in the OS/2 3.0 was released in 1994., which became known as OS/2 WARP. It should be noted that a multitude of novelties and facilities were introduced here to reach the inexperienced end user sector.

At this point it was when this operating system that we are talking about became a real competitor to the Microsoft proposal. All until the software giant got serious and launched the longed for Windows 95.

Windows 95

After this launch, IBM even launched a fourth version of its OS/2 Warp system, but Microsoft had already eaten a good part of the market with Windows. Although IBM abandoned the project soon after, one company released the OS/2 Warp Convenience Pack with permission from its owners. It must be said that even today there are some companies that continue to use equipment based on this system.

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