What is the latest version of Safari on Mac as of January 2022?

If you haven’t had a Mac for a long time or simply don’t know about the Safari versions, you most likely have doubts about whether you have updated it. Taking into account the interesting news that it has introduced in recent months, you will want to have it up to date. Well, how can you tell if you have an updated browser or not?

Safari does not update as such

The first thing you should know is that, unlike some other applications, the Mac browser does not usually launch updates through the App Store. New versions of Safari are integrated into macOS updates, in such a way that when you update the operating system, this application is also updated with it, as well as some other native tools.

This does not mean that with each update of the Mac new versions of Safari are also added or that they are loaded with news. However, the truth is that they always tend to bring something new, be it more or less remarkable. And this is especially noticeable in the area of ​​security, since the Californian company pays special attention to this browser as it is the gateway to most malware and therefore it needs to always be with the latest patches that cover possible vulnerabilities.

To this day, the latest version is 15.2. This not only integrates all the novelties of macOS Monterey Safari that we already saw in its original release, but it also includes the most advanced security patches with which to navigate safely. Therefore, if you want to make sure you have this version, you just have to open the browser, go to the menu bar, click on ‘Safari’ and then on ‘About Safari’.

If you don’t have it updated You will only have to go to System Preferences> Software Update and download the most recent version of macOS, which today is 12.1. It should be noted that complementary updates for Safari also appear on this tab that do not require updating the Mac completely.

Safari updates for “old” macOS

If there is something that Safari has stood out for in recent years, it is for not leaving behind all the Macs that can no longer be updated. Safari 15, with all its novelties in reference to tab management or a new interface, is also available on those computers that no longer support macOS Monterey, but could upgrade to Big Sur. The way to download it is through System Preferences as we mentioned previously.

These are the Macs that cannot be updated to macOS Monterey, but to Big Sur and these latest versions of Safari:

  • iMac released in 2014
  • MacBooks released in 2015
  • MacBook Air released in 2013 and 2014
  • MacBook Pros released in late 2013 and 2014

Mac with macOS 11 Big Sur

Of course, it remains that the rest of the brand’s computers that are also more recent can also update to macOS Monterey and with it to all the Safari updates that will arrive with the successive versions.

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