The screens of the new MacBook could be provided by Samsung

Samsung OLED screens

One of the things that we are almost certain, and we say almost because in technology, you never know, is that OLED technology is what the future should be in the devices that have to arrive. In fact, there has been talk for a long time about the existence of this technology in Apple MacBooks. Now it seems that we will go from rumors to reality. It is almost certain that future MacBooks can bring the OLED screen. Best of all, it will be his eternal rival who supplies them. It looks like, it will be samsung who provides them according to the latest information.

According to specialized media, it is more than likely that Samsung may be planning to build a new production line in South Korea to make larger OLED screens suitable for Apple’s iPads and MacBooks. With this, finally, Apple pcould fulfill future orders on new devices.

This information warns that Apple plans to launch these new hardware in the year 2024 and with this you have to have a reliable supplier to precisely equip these new devices with the technology of the future. Who better than Samsung to guarantee said event. That is why now there are no enemies, only competitors and that is why it is important to trust each other.

Samsung’s future production line would be located in a different factory and would be able to create OLED screens large enough for those MacBooks, regardless of the size of the screen, and in this way that long-awaited computer would be confirmed with quality screen and OLED technology. Remember that right now we are in mini-LED technology, but that jump to what is really expected is missing.

OLED panels use self-emitting pixels and do not require backlight, which could improve the contrast ratio and contribute to longer battery life. We have good examples already at Apple who are using OLED screens for their latest iPhones and all Apple Watch models.

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