What options are there to have files on the network

How to always have files available on the network

As we say, there are several options that we have available to be able to store files in the cloud and be able to access them anywhere. We can share them with others, exchange information between devices, create backup copies, free up space … We will have several options, which can be adapted to what we are really looking for.

Public cloud

A very simple option and at the same time used is the public cloud. In this case we are talking about platforms such as Google drive, OneDrive or Dropbox. These are services that we can use for free or for a fee (if we opt for more storage or features) and that we can use on our devices to host content.

The operation is very simple: we register, configure the account and we store files and documents from any device. We can access it from the mobile, computer, through the browser or applications, share links with third parties …

It is a simple and very useful solution. We will not have complications. The only thing to keep in mind is that we will be limited to what features that service offers and what the specifications are. There are many services for saving files in the cloud.

Online platforms for file sharing

The online platforms of this type we can say that they are similar to the previous ones, but they have some differences. We speak for example of services like Mega, Filebin and many other similar pages. In this case we can even use platforms of this type without having to register. We will not have an application (or it is not usual) to access.

What we do is host content from the browser. In many cases it will only be available for a certain time and is subsequently deleted. It is interesting if, for example, we want to share something with other users and we do not want it to stay there longer. Also to exchange data between devices.

Set up a NAS

A really interesting option is to have our own private cloud. We are going to have different options, whether we buy a NAS server or we create our own with a hard drive connected to the router and configured correctly. It will always have to be on.

A NAS is basically a hard drive where we can save all kinds of files. That information will be available from anywhere. We are only going to have to keep it connected to the router and available on the network.

Have computers connected to the network

One more option, although this may be less useful in many circumstances, is to have a computer (or several) connected to the network and with remote access from other devices. In this way we will be able to access the files through the network, no matter where we are.

This has a very important weight today thanks to teleworking. Many employees access information on office computers from anywhere else. It is therefore one more alternative to consider. We already saw that we can even share files between computers on the LAN.

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