WhatsApp begins testing reactions to messages in its latest beta version

Following in the footsteps of Telegram, and several months since we first heard about this feature, it seems finally WhatsApp is already testing the ability to add reactions on messages of chats in its latest beta version ( released for a small selection of users.

As always, advanced by WaBetaInfo, this time they have shared a gif image in which they show us the basic operation of this new feature in the mobile version of the application. Thus, the use seems quite simple, just having to select the message (keeping it pressed for a few seconds) to display a small menu of emojis on itwhich will be added as a reaction under the message, without becoming part of the timeline of the chat itself.

It is so about quite a useful functionsince it will allow us to express ourselves more easily without having to constantly resort to mentioning the messages themselves, which on many occasions ends up generating more confusion in the main line of conversations.

whatsapp reactions gif messages

At the moment it seems that they are only testing six available reactions: like (thumbs up), love (heart), joy (laughing face), amazement (surprised face), sadness (crying face) and thanks (palms together), although it is expected that, as we saw on Telegram, other of the most used emojis on the platform will be added, among which reactions such as disgust (vomiting face) or the famous WhatsApp poop could be included. Similarly, note that we can only react with an emoji, being overwritten in case we select another.

On the other hand, the fact that the capacity of this function is only shown within a private conversation stands out, leaving now the question of whether it will also be available for group chats. Although since this is the main focus where this feature will be used, we will most likely see an expansion during the next WhatsApp test versions.

Thus, although we do not know a specific date for the arrival of this function, WaBetaInfo itself ensures that its arrival could be imminent for the general public.

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