WhatsApp now allows you to transfer your chat history from iPhone to Android

With its usual delay before the presentation and arrival of this function for Android devices, WhatsApp has finally announced the launch of its function to export and transfer the chat history from one phone to another, allowing users of Apple terminals can now transfer their data to any Android device.

A function that, although quite basic, was still limited to the use of third-party services and applications since iCloud and Google Drive do not have compatibility with each other.

In fact, these WhatsApp transfers will not be limited exclusively to their own text, but rather will also include all files like photos, videos and even voice notes that have been sent within these chats. In addition, the company highlights that, like the own backups made through the WhatsApp cloud, all the data that is transferred between the devices will remain protected throughout the transfer process under end-to-end encryption.

For its part, Google says it worked closely with the WhatsApp team to develop the export capability, with the goal of making it easier for iPhone users to enter the world of Android, these needing exclusively a USB-C to Lightning cable to start. Once the smartphones are connected, users will be able to scan the QR code on the iPhone to launch WhatsApp and automatically move its contents to the new device.

So once again the implementation of this function is expected to occur staggered over the next few weeks, although the company has already anticipated that it will not take long to carry out the full deployment in both operating systems. This transfer capability is available on Samsung Galaxy devices and now on all Pixel phones, and will be available on new smartphones launching with Android 12.

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