WhatsApp offers the easiest way to transfer your chats between smartphones, here it is

Nothing worse than losing your WhatsApp conversations when you change your smartphone. This once tedious operation becomes child’s play, thanks to the QR code.

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If WhatsApp allows the backup of your conversations in the Cloud, on Google Drive in its Android version and iCloud on iOS, it does not allow an easy transfer of your conversations locally. Meta engineers were well aware of this. They offer a new way to transfer your chats from one device to another (provided it is between two identical operating systems). The exchange will be done by means of a QR code.

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In order to make it as easy as possible to transfer chats between devices running the same operating system as instinctively as possible, WhatsApp engineers considered that the QR code is the fastest and easiest way to achieve his ends. Indeed, saving in the Cloud is certainly very practical, but it requires first of all to send your chats to Google Drive or iCloud, depending on the OS of your smartphone, then to download the data thus stored on your new handset. .

WhatsApp lets you transfer your chats between devices with a QR code

The new technique devised by the engineers of the world’s most popular messaging system takes advantage of a QR code, which will suffice to scan on the “old” smartphone, with the camera of the “new”. That said, first of all, you have to meet a few conditions:

• both smartphones must run under a version ofAndroid 6 or higher
• you should use the same number phone than your old phone to your new phone
• you should bring the two devices closer
• both of your devices must have the Wi-Fi enabled

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To transfer your WhatsApp conversations, but also “all your account information, including all your personal messages, photos, videos, documents, etc. “, the procedure is so simple, that it was Mark Zuckerberg who published a demonstration video on Facebook.

Source : WhatsApp

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