WhatsApp Web now includes a customizable sticker creator

In the wake of its most recent update of multi-device use, it seems that WhatsApp Web still has room to incorporate other interesting improvements such as the recently detected presence of your own built-in sticker maker and editor, without the need to resort to third-party tools, a function that at the moment we cannot even find in the original application.

This custom sticker maker will allow us turn any of our images into these stickers for chats, with totally free access and without any type of watermark. To access this new function, we will only have to open the application from the browser, and click on the clip icon (used to attach files) within any chat, select the new Sticker option, and choose the image that we want to modify.

Once loaded, images can be edited To create a sticker to your liking: you can draw an outline around the subject of an image to cut out the background, the images can also be cut (although always in a square aspect ratio), and you can add emojis, text and even some additional WhatsApp stickers.

But that is not all. And it is that in addition to the browser version of WhatsApp Web, this tool will also reach the desktop application during the next week. In addition, although unfortunately we cannot add these stickers directly to our phone collection, we can always include them once they are used in any chat.

Being able to create your own stickers in WhatsApp is nothing new, and there is a wide range of third-party applications available on iOS and Android dedicated to the task, although it is certainly about a particularly convenient feature having integrated it directly into the web and desktop versions of the service, allowing us to create better images more easily, thanks to the larger size of the images on these screens and the precision offered by the mouse pointer.

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