Which TV should you buy this year? We help you choose

Size Matters

When it comes to the television screen, we generally go by the rule of “bigger is better”. However, you have to be careful in this regard, first because the giant TV you buy may not fit in the living room furniture, and second because the viewing distance comes into play here, since if the screen is so big that forces you to move your neck to get from one edge to the other, you will end up with fatigue and even cervical problems.

For this reason, you must take into account where the television will be located and where you will sit to watch it, or rather at what distance. As a general rule, for a 55-inch TV you should sit at least 1.70 meters away, while for a 65-inch diagonal screen this distance is extended to 2 meters. If you want to go BIG (in capital letters), for a 75-inch screen Samsung recommends sitting at least 2.3 meters away, while for the gigantic 85-inches, this distance increases to 2.6 meters.

Resolution: Full HD, 4K, 8K… what is more worth it?

4K vs. 8K

Today we do not stop seeing content advertised in 4K resolution and even in 8K resolution. Obviously, and we are not going to lie to you, a TV with 8K resolution looks better than a 4K one, and this in turn looks much better than a Full HD. However, you must also take into account some factors such as the fact that ultra-high resolution content is still somewhat scarce and that although it is true that the price of 4K televisions is already at a quite acceptable level, they are still quite more expensive than Full HD.

What we would recommend is that if the TV you intend to buy is 42 inches or less, you can perfectly opt for Full HD resolution and thus save a lot of money. However, for larger screens, the pixel size of Full HD TVs is already too noticeable, and therefore the recommendation is to take a step forward and go for a 4K TV or, if your budget allows it, even 8K. ; Keep in mind that although there is not much content now, the trend is that there will be in the near future, so you will already have a TV prepared for it.

LED, QLED, OLED… what type of matrix should you choose?


As a general rule, almost all modern televisions sold today use an LED matrix; however, other manufacturers such as Samsung have shown that there are other technologies that leave LED backlight technology far behind, such as QLED: a QLED TV is based on Quantum Dots, extremely thin semiconductor materials (size to nanoscale) that produce different colors of light depending on the size of the particles, something that allows a color precision that conventional televisions are not capable of emulating.

In addition, QLED televisions take advantage of many other features of these Quantum Dot arrays, such as high luminosity (the brightness of the screen), a very important factor in order to obtain higher quality content that, in marketing terms, is known as HDR.

If we put this QLED technology in perspective against OLED, which you will have heard widely by now, it must be said that in the end it all comes down to different principles of technology: while Quantum Dot uses inorganic materials, which does not deteriorate or “expire”, OLED uses organic materials that, in addition to having a lower durability, make them susceptible to image retention and Burn-in.

In short, if you are interested in having a great image quality on the TV you intend to buy, do not hesitate and go for a TV with QLED technology, because today it is the best you can find.

What TV to buy or give away this 2022

Below we are going to recommend a handful of TV models from the Samsung brand, one of the most recognized manufacturers and which has, possibly, the widest catalog on the market. Obviously the choice is up to you, but for that we have also written the previous section in which we have given you some guidelines to follow to get it right when buying your next TV (or to give an incredible gift, it must be said).

Samsung AU7105 Crystal UHD, the most versatile 4K TV

Buy TV Samsung AU7105 Crystal UHD

Samsung promotes this TV as “more colors for more real scenes”, and one of the most interesting features of this device is its PurColor technology, thanks to which the color gradient is greatly softened, making transitions more homogeneous that give much better image quality as a result.

This is a very versatile model, since it is available in sizes ranging from 43 inches to 75 inches, so you will surely find a model suitable for your living room. All models have Smart TV, 4K resolution and the famous Samsung Crystal UHD processor for faster and smoother images.

Samsung Q75TD, up to 75 inches with QLED quality

Samsung Q75TD

If what you want to buy is a QLED TV, this model is available in sizes between 55 and 75 inches and incorporates Direct Full Array Plus HDR2000 technology taking advantage of Quantum Dots, improving the intensity of colors and thus the sharpness of the image. .

We are also facing a 4K resolution model that is ideal for gaming thanks to Real Game Enhancer+ technology, which activates a game mode that includes AMD FreeSync technology and Dynamic Black Equalizer, again taking advantage of the benefits of QLED technology.

Samsung QN90A, up to 98 inches with Neo QLED technology

Buy TV Samsung QN90A

If you are looking for a high-end TV, but very high, then this model will fascinate you. Not only because we are dealing with a 4K resolution Smart TV that is available in sizes ranging from 43 inches to an incredible 98 inches, but also because it mounts the new Samsung Neo Quantum 4K processor with AI, offering with it a more precise image quality and optimized.

This TV is also capable of improving the sound, again thanks to Artificial Intelligence, and has the particularity that, completely autonomously, it is capable of offering 4K resolution regardless of the original resolution of the source (in other words, it converts and scale the image automatically).

Samsung QN800A, 8K resolution and Neo QLED technology

Samsung QN800A

If you want to take the “big leap” and move to an 8K resolution TV, this is one of the best models you can find on the market. Available in sizes of 65, 75 and 85 inches, this Smart TV uses the same processor as the previous model but a little more advanced, called Neo QLED 8K, also with Artificial Intelligence that improves the image and sound.

This TV also has a list of special features that take your breath away, such as OTS (Object Tracking Sound) Plus, Q-Symphony (combining the TV with a sound bar), Ultra Viewing Angle, or Quantum HDR 2000.

Samsung LS03A «The Frame», is it a TV or a frame?

Samsung TV LS03A

This TV model is designed in a very particular way, meaning that when you are not watching your favorite content it can perfectly pass itself off as a work of art since it has a customizable frame and, in fact, it is designed to hang on the wall just like a frame.

All in all, this is a powerful Smart TV with 4K resolution, a QLED matrix and an AI processor that will show you the best images and with improved sound so that your entertainment always prevails over everything else.

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