Will the iPhone 14 be faster? What is expected of your 5G

That the new iPhone 14 will be presented in September does not prevent us from knowing some things months before. With more or less wisdom, in these first months of the year relevant aspects of them are usually filtered, such as their design or specific characteristics at the level of performance or connectivity. Precisely from the 5G technology Some things are already known, although they cannot be confirmed yet.

And it is not a trivial issue precisely that of this connectivity. It is true that the infrastructures that are available are still very scarce and 4G continues to reign, but the differences in speed of this with 5G are enormous and being able to have a smartphone already prepared for the future is always something to take into account. Unless you are one of those who renews your iPhone every year.

Apple’s own modem will take longer to arrive

That the iPhone 11 did not bring 5G connectivity was a jug of cold water, because all the competition was already implementing it and Apple was late with it by finally implementing it in the iPhone 12. However, it had its just cause, since the company lived that year in a relentless battle with Qualcomm. And it is that being in litigation with the main 5G modem provider in the world was not exactly a fact without consequences.

Apple and Qualcomm

Apple and Qualcomm finally reached an agreement in 2019 that ultimately allowed the company to implement its 5G chips in the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. Apart from this, it is known that the firm led by Tim Cook has been trying to develop for some time. their own chips in order not only to control the entire manufacturing and supply process, but also to provide better integration into their own devices.

And although it is not known what exact stage of development Apple is in with these modems, some analysts have pointed out that it is a process that will still take time to complete. Therefore, despite not having set deadlines, they would not be ready this year and therefore The iPhone 14 would continue with Qualcomm chips as its two predecessor generations already have.

Will mmWave antennas reach the whole world?

The 5G technology of the iPhone had a lot of prominence during the presentation of the ’12’, but despite this, Apple limited the connectivity of those devices sold outside the United States. And it is only in that country that antennas were integrated mmWave which, broadly speaking, are the ones that enable a better and faster internet connection with mobile data.

Already in the run-up to the iPhone 13, it was speculated that these antennas would no longer be exclusive to the North American country, but would also be extended to other territories. It didn’t happen. That is why now it is loud again that, this time yes, the new iPhones incorporate these antennas regardless of the country in which they are marketed, but it seems complicated again.

mmWave iPhone 12

Although it is true that this forecast that in the future there can be a good infrastructure is already a compelling reason to integrate a 5G modem in the devices, it seems that it is still taken into account and they prefer not to sell features that will not be used later. And it is that in countries like Spain there is still no equipment that allows to take advantage of the connections with ultra wide band.

So, by way of conclusion, we can tell you that no major changes are expected in this regard. If the implementation of 4G technology has already taken many years and even in some places it is still pending, 5G aims to last even longer. In any case, we will continue to monitor possible leaks in which this matter is discussed.

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