Windows 11 offers a new USB4 device manager

A Twitter user discovered a new USB4 device management page in the Windows Insider Program’s new Canary channel.

Windows 11
The Windows 11 home page on a laptop PC / Credit: 123rf

If you are a member of the Windows Insider program, you probably already know that Microsoft has announced the opening ofa new channel to test the latest features of the company’s operating system. The latter is called Canary and offers the most seasoned Windows users the opportunity to try features whose development is still in its infancy.

A Twitter user, posting as Albacore, discovered in the Windows Canary channel that the company is considering adding a new page for managing devices connected via USB4. The latter is a relatively unknown protocol and, to tell the truth, few compatible devices are available. However, it is very versatile, and can do much more than transfer data or charge our devices.

Windows 12 might feature a new USB4 device management page

As its name suggests, USB4 is set to take over from the USB3 protocol. The objective of this standard is to generalize the implementation and therefore the use of the USB-C socket on all the devices we use on a daily basis. USB4 will obviously benefit from greater bandwidth. We will thus pass from a transfer speed ranging from 10 GB to 15 GB per seconddepending on whether you are in symmetrical or asymmetrical mode.

Credit: Twitter

External graphics cards, keyboard, mouse, monitor, hard drives: it is possible to connect all these accessories in series with this new protocol. If at present, Windows 11 can indeed display a notification in the event of a problem connecting a USB device, or even if the PC is in slow charge from a USB-C port, a menu capable of detailing the names of the domains connected to the PC is not yet available. In the opinion of many observers, the appearance of the Canary channel aims to test the functionalities of Windows 12. Better support for USB4 and its generalization therefore seem to be on the agenda for the next version of Windows 12. ‘OS from Microsoft.

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