Woman in a coma due to Covid-19 woke up the day she would be disconnected: her children were already preparing the funeral

Bettina Lerman, 69, wore more than a month in a coma derived from complications from Covid-19. At the end of last month the doctors told their children that there was no more to do, then his lungs were badly damaged and I would no longer wake up of that state. It was then that decided to disconnect her from life support on October 29.

The decision was not easy for Andrew Lerman and his brothers, however, as there was no hope of survival for his mother, who also she was diabetic and did not have the Covid-19 vaccine, the best thing was that he stopped suffering. They traveled to Florida to cancel Bettina’s lease and, incidentally, prepare funeral arrangements.

It was at that moment that Andrew received a call that would leave him shocked to the point of throwing away the phone:

The doctors of the Portland Medical Center, Maine, United States, they called him on October 29 in the morning to tell him that his mother had unexpectedly awakened. According to The Washington Post, the 69-year-old woman fell ill with Covid-19 in September and a week later she was hospitalized and connected to life support. That’s when he fell into a coma.

Once Bettina woke up, the doctors examined her and were surprised when not find organic faults of considerationnot some kind of mental confusion common among people returning from a coma. “She knows who she is and where she is,” her son Andrew said in an interview with CNN.

No one can explain how he woke up

Medically, the 69 year old lady I no longer had a chance to survive, since before your hospitalization had undergone delicate heart surgery, which added to her diabetes, advanced age and lack of protection against the new coronavirus, left her in a vulnerable state to any infection.

While Bettina’s lungs are damaged and still requires support to breathe, is already at home with his family and is receiving physiotherapy to regain mobility in the muscles after being bedridden for a month. Her son told WMTW that once his health improves, his mother said that plan to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

Her doctors say she’s a miracle… that they had never seen anyone go through what she and wake up, “Jennifer, another of the woman’s daughters, said on GoFundMe.


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