Bitcoin and Ethereum start a slow recovery after bottoming, there is fear in the sector

Just a few days ago we saw that Bitcoin and Ethereum were about to hit a new low as they came very close to falling from two levels that are key on a psychological level for the sector, and for investors. The first one was very close to going below $20,000, while the second one was almost on the verge of $1,000.

In the days immediately following, Bitcoin and Ethereum began a slight recovery that, however, did not generate much confidence among investors. This situation was aggravated by the corralitos that some exchange houses imposed, and that prevented investors from freely disposing of their assets. Things did not look good at all, there was a very marked tension that, in the end, ended up exploding on June 18.

Both cryptocurrencies fell from those lows that we have indicated, and they did so twice. Bitcoin plummeted below $19,000, and just a few hours later it sank to $17,786. In the early hours of June 19, it had a rebound that allowed it to return to above $19,000, it quickly sank again. Today she broke the $20,000 barrier again, only to fall back below that figure shortly after.

As for Ethereum, this sank to 901 dollars, had another rally dragged by the growth of bitcoin that took it almost to 1,000 dollars, but fell again following the trail of Bitcoin. At the time of writing these lines, it has started a more marked and stable recovery, at least in appearance, than Bitcoin, although this cryptocurrency is also immersed in an upward trend.

Experts do not agree on the short and medium-term future of both cryptocurrencies, but what is clear is that a marked instability prevails right now that makes it not the best time to invest. Some believe that it is impossible for the value of Bitcoin and Ethereum to drop more than what we have already seen, but those same They also said at the time that it was impossible for Bitcoin to end up falling below $50,000.and then less than $40,000, and so on.

Right now, the only real and certain thing is that instability that we have commented on, which together with the high volatility of cryptocurrencies can make anything happen, so be very careful if you have invested in this sector, or if you plan to do so. From Reuters they confirm that there are problems and fear in the sector.

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